Hello and welcome to a brand new series, I’m your host B.R. Brainerd, and let me tell you it is good to be back. Some of my regular fans might be looking at this wondering if my channel is going to become another typical minecraft channel and the answer is no, I am still going to play other games but I have played and I have loved minecraft for many years and I’ve been dying to film it. The world you’re looking at was created with the seed brbrainerd with biomes o plenty enabled on the TPPI mod pack, and I’ve added a little bit to it. This is called persona island designed by the great aurelien-sama, and I thought it would be a wonderful location to start in. You can find a link to aurelien’s original world save in the description as well as a link to my combined world save if you’d like to play along.

Alright let’s not waste any more time. It’s important keep in mind is that minecraft is at its hardest right at the beginning. The first day is a race not only to survive but to have something constructive to do during the first evening. That’s what this guide is for. If you looked carefully at the opening flyby you’ll have noticed that we’re next to a couple of villages. If you spawn next to one in your own world, you’re pretty much home free so we’re going to pretend that this is a worst-case scenario and that those villages aren’t there.

There aren’t any caves nearby, so we’re going to start as usual by punching a tree. I’m going to bruce lee exactly three logs, which is going to give us just enough to build our first tools. Now that we have enough wood, we’re going to build a crafting table–standard stuff for any of you who have played minecraft before, but what you might not have seen before is this pocket crafting table, which is added by the mod factorization. it lets you move around while you craft which is going to save us a lot of time, and crucially it doesn’t require much in the way of materials, just an additional stick [click craft]. So now all I have to do is press c, and now I can craft. I’m going to start by building a wooden shovel and a wooden pick. The shovel is worth it, since you usually have to dig through dirt to get at the stone underneath. Which we need, badly, but I’m not going to risk digging down in the middle of the inlet because there’s probably water underneath. So let’s walk up to the clifface instead.

There we go, three pieces of cobblestone and we’re going to immediately make a stone pick. I see a lot of players try to use up their wooden picks first, but don’t do that. You need the improved speed of the stone pick, especially for what we’re doing. We’re going to save time by gathering a lot of cobblestone in one go, enough to last us all through the first day.[cut here] (about when stone pick is below half). There we go, that should be enough. Now I’m going to make a stone hoe and a stone axe.

You know where this is going. As we’re clearing out these trees, don’t forget to replant the saplings. This depends on where you start of course, if you’re in the middle of the woods you don’t want to replant right next to your base because those trees will create a shelter for hostile monsters. Just make sure that you always have wood within reach because you’re going to need it. You’re going to need a lot of it. As I’m clearing I’m also digging up nearby long grass, and hoping to get seeds.

The #1 killer in early minecraft is starvation, it sneaks up on you, so it’s critical to get a garden up on day 1, and getting that and a house built is a tall order which is why we’ve been rushing around. If you’re lucky, an apple or two will drop–every little bit counts. We’re also going to build a furnace early. We need torches to keep our garden lit, and I personally like to keep a lit path between the door of my house and the garden if it’s not too far away. I’m going to throw a few logs in the furnace, we don’t need too much since you get four torches per log, and we’ll let that cook for a bit and go and start the garden. Ok we’ve got our seeds planted. These torches here will melt the ice and irrigate the farmland, and also keep our seeds growing over night. I’m leaving a lit path between the garden and what will become the front door of our first house. Now building the house is always the last thing you want to do, so real quickly I’m going to check to make sure we’re ready for night time.

Got enough cobble and a furnace, check. Got plenty of wood, enough to build our house with Got our garden started, and our seeds are planted and lit We’re all set. We’ll start by building the walls of our house. Wood is the easiest material to come by since you get four planks for every log you convert. We only need the walls to be two blocks high, and we don’t need the house to be too, too big. Because we planned ahead though we can make our house a little bigger.

Here’s how I like to do the door. We make a wooden pressure plate, and we put a fence gate above it. Voila, we have a door that opens and closes automatically for us, but will not let monsters in. You just have to run at it. I love it. you don’t have to spin around quickly to close the door if a monster is chasing you, zombies can’t break through it, your friends can’t accidentally leave the door open.

It’s great, especially on the first night. Alright final trick: we’re going to build some wooden half-slabs. These will save us even more material. And we just go around the top of our house leaving a little slab overhang. We’re not going to build a roof because you don’t need one in minecraft except for aesthetics, and it’s too early to be worrying about that. if it rains, the rain and the weather can’t hurt you, the only thing we have to worry about is monsters getting in. The two block high walls will stop everything except spiders from vanilla minecraft. What the spiders will do is they’ll chase you up to the wall, smack into it, and then start crawling up. That’s what the wooden slabs are for. The spiders will bonk their heads into our wooden slabs and they won’t be able to get in.

There we go, we’ve got ourselves a mostly mob-proof house [run around placing last few torches, also on roof corners if necessary]. Now if you’re worried about wisps or other flying monsters added by any of the mods, now is the perfect time to build a roof since we have a safe place to work from. I recommend using half-slabs for it, that way you monsters won’t spawn on it–that’s the other big reason why I’m not fond of roofs. Players usually build a roof on their first house, zombies spawn on it, so not only do you have to be listening to moaning and groaning all night, but as soon as you walk out the front door 3 monsters jump you. I’ve seen a lot of players die that way. Don’t be one of them So as night falls we have completed our mission, we have our first garden and our first house, and we even have something to do overnight. I’m going to be taking this shovel and digging out our first mine. Next episode we’ll be getting into some of the early machines that Feed the Beast has to offer.

I’m B.R. Brainerd, catch you next time..

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