How To Make A Bird Cage Hello again! Today I’ll show you a simple bird cage design! It uses some of the cool trapdoors! This is the acacia version, looks like it has bars. I’ll show you the other materials that work. Then there’s of course the classic oak. Then there’s of course the classic oak. (again…) My favorite one is the jungle wood version though… Uhh, mistakes were made. *Magma Still Stuck* Both of these cages are standing on the ground. Alternatively, you can hang them from something! You can hang it from a big tree or a structure you built yourself.

🙂 I perfer hanging the cage. *WHOOSH* Now you just need to insert your bird of choice! *Whoosh again* The birds can still enjoy music from inside their cages! It’s never been easier to have pet parrots! Hope you enjoyed the video! *Happy Music*.

As found on Youtube