HOW TO SET A TABLE (in Minecraft) Hello again! Today’s video is more of an inspirational one. With all the new features, we can create some pretty cool tables! Not only that, we can decorate them! The horizontal item frames make for great plates! If you need table and chair designs, check out the description! I’ve made over 100 different designs. There’s a few more things that might be worth adding on top… Let’s do a quick and easy birthday table! The cake is a must and there’s a few ways to add it to the plates. These stairs kind of look like a piece. End rods make for excellent candles, if you want those! A few flowers add color. What material you use for the table affects the decor. On this dark brown, dark decorations are lost. While on a light table dark items would pop out. Try and keep that in mind when building 🙂 By the way, flower pots can make for believable drinking cups.

The sea pickles can also be used. They can be cups, pepper/salt shakers and so on… Have fun decorating all your tables! thank you to the people who did the captions! .

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