Ray: What’s up guys, it’s Ray and Gavin from AchievementHunter.com Gavin: This is our first video together Ray Ray: This is our first video. together, and I am excited. Gavin: I am moist. Ray: We are gonna… You too? Alright we are gonna do “The Lie” achievement in Minecraft which requires you to make a… make a cake. Gavin: Speaking of moist, this cake is very moist. Ray: Speaking of. Ray: Now, I brought you in because you are the only one in the office. that’s played Minecraft for an extended period of time. Gavin: I have played it all… I played hours of it on the PC I’ve not played on the Xbox but it looks very good Ray: Ohh it’s… O nice i like mine craft this game really makes you get creative Ray: It does look very good Gavin: It looks…

I’m Ray: If you’re looking for some Gavin: not worried about it. Ray: If you’re looking for some hardcore, like, Minecraft action I’m guessing, like, going on the PC would be better cause you got like mods and all that shit. Ray: But Gavin: You know, I never really got into mods though, I just liked vanilla Minecraft. Ray: Oh, if you like vanilla Minecraft then 360 is.. Gavin: I also… I also like vanilla cake. Ray: Vanilla cake is good. There is… Gavin: Is there vanilla in this cake? Ray: There’s is vanilla frosting on the cake.

So… Gavin: That is good. Ray: First thing you gotta do to make a cake, you to get some iron ore you find it randomly just go mining, hence Minecraft Gavin: Yep… yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. and then when you find that you go to your little shithole apartment that I made here. Make a furnace Gavin: I like your floor made of sand.

Ray: Yea, well listen Gavin: That’s a nice touch. listen as a Puerto Rican you just take the floor as you can all right maybe one day I’ll be able to afford dirt. Anyway, you mine some iron ore and to make iron inguns Ray: Inguns? Gavin: Ingots. Ray: Ingots? Bars. Gavin: Is this for your bucket in this video? Ray: This is for your bucket. So melt that or whatever you make the iron bars and you need Gavin: you’re currently smelting. Ray: I’m smelting? Is? Gavin: In your furnace. Ray: In my furnace in my 3 by 3 apartment. Gavin: Yep. Ray: So, ya need uh, nine iron bars to make three buckets so here i am doing and I sped it up a little bit but that’s what the process looks like and then you go to your Gavin: You need coal as well.

Ray: You do need coal Gavin: To fuel your furnace Gavin: Or with like wood You can burn trees Ray: Yeah, you burn wood and wood to make coal, I think, which makes perfect sense Gavin: You can make charcoal from wood Ray: Yeah Gavin: Or you could mine coal from rock. Ray: See, this is why I brought you on Gavin: Dropping knowledge on you, Ray, right now. Ray: You’re like a Minecraft Wikipedia right here. I had to pull up Minecraft Wikipedia to learn all this stuff. So anyway… Ray: Once you make the buckets, you need to get the milk from the cows.

Gavin: That cow looks- He knows what you’re up to. Ray: He knows I’m gonna fucking feel him up and get the milk. Ray: Thankfully though, I thought it had to be different cows, Ray: But you can use the same cow Ray:You just walk up with your bucket and hit left trigger can use the same count you just walk up with your bucket they have plenty of milk let me tell you so um There you go, your three milk buckets so that is done Next we have to plant the get some seeds Get some wheat going on so.

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