Welcome to part 2 of the Minecrift Vive tutorial Here we will go over the basic controls in Minecrift And what to look out for ingame. To control the Title screen: Press the right trigger in the right hand, to left click. typing will however be unavailable unless you use a keyboard. Now that you have succesfully entered the Minecraft world: Let’s go over the basic controls in Singleplayer. Pulling the trigger in your right hand will break blocks. Pressing the right circlepad in your right hand will place blocks. Think of them, as left clicking and right clicking. To swap between items on your hotbar, simply put your thumb on the left circlepad… and tap left & right. Pulling the trigger in your left hand will bring up Teleportation! You can use this to move from one space to another, seamlessly. You can also break blocks by just hitting them with your hand.

Pressing the left circlepad however, will open up your inventory. From where, you can switch around your items or put them in your hotbar if you’d like. Roomscale is supported in Singleplayer. Which means that if you step into a fire “in your room” it’ll also translate to your character ingame. However, in singleplayer you cannot jump. Moving on to Multiplayer! To enter a server, simply put in the IP (using your keyboard) and then join the server as you would normally. It must be a 1.Server however. and does not have to be modded. *Pet the horse* There are some key differences that make.. Singleplayer different from Multiplayer.

For one, Roomscale is not supported. So moving around in the room will not move around your “Character” Pulling the left trigger, Unlike in Singleplayer Will not teleport you around But will instead make you walk forwards. In multiplayer you can jump by pressing one of the grip buttons. However, crouching in this mod is impossible, Therefore getting out of Minecarts and getting off of horses is impossible. As for what other players see, The players head is tracked to your right hand. So moving it around rapidly will make your character spin, rapidly.

*More horsepetting* They will also not be able to see your hands. With that, i mean the little hands that you see in front of you. They will still be able to see the hands on your playermodel though! And with that, we’ve covered the basics of how to move around in Minecraft VR! Don’t forget, with newer versions of this mod, This video may become outdated. So hopefully crouching gets added soon. Thanks for watching! If you want to see more videos, please check out my channel. If you like this video, don’t forget to like it! If you have any questions or just want to say hi, Please do so in the comments below.

As for right now, See you in the next video..

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