Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as Saltasaur in-game. In today’s video, I’ll be looking at two new potions to be added in 1.13, both of which with effects either new or previously unobtainable from potions. The potions in question are Slow Falling and Turtle Master potions. What effects do they give you? I’ll explain shortly. Slow Falling and Turtle Master potions are among the few potions that can affect you both positively and negatively. They provide a defensive boost in some way, with the tradeoff of getting around more slowly.

I’ve set up a primitive chart here showing the results of various brewing ingredients. If you can’t follow it, I’ll also demonstrate the process. Firstly, the Turtle Master potion is brewed using a turtle shell, which in turn is crafted by 5 scutes. Scutes are dropped when a baby Turtle grows up. I have gone over the turtle shell alongside the Turtle Master potion in my weapons video in the top right corner. Now to actually brew the potion. This will take a while, so you’ll skip ahead using the magic of video editing. The Turtle Master potion gives you Resistance and Slowness IV, mimicking the shell of a Turtle. Like a Turtle, you’ll move quite slowly but have a defense boost and will be capable of short bursts of speed by sprint-jumping. Unlike your ordinary Slowness effect, you can’t completely counteract the speed loss with a Swiftness potion. Now, the next potion here is the Slow Falling one. Getting the ingredient for this is a little riskier, as you will need phantom membrane.

How do you get some? Kill a Phantom. Finding a Phantom? Don’t sleep and take a nighttime stroll. Now for a demonstration. Might as well get to a high spot… The Slow Falling enchantment makes you fall at a snail’s pace and take no fall damage. It allows you to jump over 6 block gaps, but makes stepping up blocks tricky. If needed, you may try jumping across the surface of water to get around. Just watch out for hostile sea creatures.

But phantom membrane also has another application, though I do realize that I don’t have any anvil to demonstrate so. Elytras are valuable late-game items that allow you to glide through the skies, though they may break and make the user fall if not paid attention to. Repairing them used to be hard. You had to either get another elytra and craft it with the broken one, or collect experience while wearing one enchanted by Mending. Firstly, I shall set up this potion, then I’ll get to the subject. However, with phantom membrane, you can now repair elytras on anvils. Each membrane repairs a quarter of the Elytra’s total durability. I would suggest that you build a Phantom farm to quickly harvest membrane for your elytras. Never break them mid-air again! The two new potions may be strong, but what if I told you they can be stronger? Just add redstone or glowstone! Enhancing a potion with redstone will increase it’s duration, while glowstone will increase it’s power. Adding gunpowder or dragon’s breath makes it throwable. You can also make potion arrows out of them, though I don’t see any immediate use. Not worth dealing damage to your teammates.

You can combine redstone or glowstone with gunpowder or dragon’s breath, but can’t combine redstone with glowstone or gunpowder with dragon’s breath. You also can’t add glowstone to a Slow Falling potion either. Enhance your potions wisely, and use the correct potion for the situation. Need more details on potions in general? Check out my original brewing video for in the top right corner! That’s it for today. What do you guys think about the new potions? Will you be using any of them? Leave a comment below! Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to like and subscribe! Be sure to check out my other videos too! This is Dragon Souped signing out!

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