Hello! Dragon Souped here, also known as Saltasaur in-game. In this rather short video, I’m just going over some facts in that you may not know, but probably won’t need. Unless, of course you accidentally punch a Dolphin while farming fish. Firstly, turtle eggs are one of the few blocks that you can properly destroy by jumping on them. Oops. Forgot to bring some replacements.. Players are not the only fiendish egg destroyers around. All Zombie variants will try stepping on turtle eggs. Even Pigmen, despite the lack of Turtles in the Nether. And if the eggs do hatch, the Zombies will give chase to the hatchlings alongside Skeletons, Ocelots and Wolves which in turn may destroy more eggs by accident. One could take advantage of this to lure Zombies, or simply keeping in mind when in the nearby vicinity of eggs. Tropical Fish are not only one of the smaller mobs in the game, they also have the most variants of any mob.

There are 2,700 different kinds, some rarer than others. A further 404 more pattern-less variants are command exclusive, since all naturally-spawning Tropical Fish have patterns. Gotta catch ’em all! Or not. Drowned are peculiar hostile mobs that are truly amphibian, being able to breath in water and on land. They also carry rare items with them, too. They can carry the rare nautilus shells and tridents. Nautilus shells are used to craft a powerful block called the Conduit, while tridents are strong weapons.

The Conduit provides the Conduit Power status effect to players if powered by prismarine blocks. It increases mining speed, water visibility and prevents drowning. I have further explained the trident in a previous video which you can check out in the top-right corner, though Riptide now prevents you from throwing the trident. Dolphins are curious mobs that roam the ocean. Although untameable, they will play with items, such as this “beach ball” here. They’ll also follow players when in boats and may sometimes get stuck in them, too. Whoops! Well, that’s it for today. What do you guys think about these facts? Will you take advantage of any of them? Thanks for watching.

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