Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as Saltasaur in-game. Houses are some of the most common builds you’ll find in Minecraft, and in this video, I’ll be showing you how to make one look good from the outside. Firstly, you will want to make a sort of “skeleton” of what you want to make. Don’t just make a square or rectangular box, or else you’ll bore players. Use this time to plan out the general size, materials and shape of the house. Do note that there’s nothing stopping you from using curves. From there, you’ll want to flesh out your “skeleton” and fill in the walls. You may use the same block, or in my case, use a different block with the same color scheme. After doing so, you can build the roof by placing down the general pattern of it and copying it through the build. Use stairs and slabs to make your roof interesting. A rule that most players follow when building a roof is to leave an overhang, or the walls may look too flat. In my example, I’m building a sloped roof over this house.

With more modern buildings, you may want to just have a flat roof. Don’t forget to fill in any new spaces for walls once you’ve finished your roof. Once that’s done, your house should now be taking shape but will lack detail. Newer builders stop at this phase, but you shouldn’t do that. Instead, look at what you can do to make your house look nicer.

In my example, I’ll be adding windows, a chimney and extra supports. Use trapdoors, fences and other partial blocks to add depth and detail to a structure. Here, I’m adding fences to the corners of the house. A tip I can give here is to follow the rule of gravity. Although blocks can float midair, a house that doesn’t have supports will look quite weird. Try not to over-detail your house either, as an extremely detailed house won’t be good on a player’s eyes. And here is my finished example. I’ve used stairs and fences the most here, but you may want to do things differently. It’s your build. I’ve also used a ton of different blocks in my exterior, but you can make one with very little, especially with modern houses.

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