Hey guys, what’s up? KevSham here featuring a factions tutorial. If you enjoy minecraft but the vanilla gameplay is getting too easy or boring then this amazing plugin may be perfect for you. I’m having a lot of fun and I’m sure you will too. I want to be clear this is a beginners video for those who are just getting into factions and needed some guidance. Okay before I get into servers rules and what to look out for I need to explain what the point of factions is. The biggest difference between regular minecraft and factions is the players ability to claim land. It’s an anti griefing system preventing random people from mining into your home and ruining your experience.

Despite claiming land to protect you from players breaking blocks with tools the tnt however still behaves by exploding and breaking surrounding blocks, including obsidian on most servers. Players worldwide are trying to figure out that perfect design for both the ultimate offense being the cannons and the perfect defense which would be ‘unraidable.’ Now i’m sure at one point you’re going to look up an ‘unraidable’ base design for minecraft factions. Before you get too excited let me break the news to you, they are all lies… You cannot make an ‘unraidable’ base. Otherwise factions wouldn’t be that fun imagine if everyone made an ‘unraidable’ base you wouldn’t have anything to raid and people would get bored and eventually factions would die. The defenses you make will either slow down or discourage an enemy from ATTEMPTING a raid but no matter the base design the experienced players can punch a hole through your walls and the PVP begins. To create a faction, type in /f create <faction name> Also remember to close your faction, this means it’s a private faction where others may only join through invite.

Otherwize anyone can join, grief, and leave. To close your faction from the public just type /f close some servers don’t use the /f close command so to double check type in /f open to open your faction to the public and then again type in /f open to close it. To invite your most trusted friends hence I said most trusted type /f invite <player name>. Once you made your faction you have the ability to /f claim which will claim a ‘chunk’ which you’re standing in. It won’t create a chunk because all the chunks are already there, it will just claim that chunk for your faction. If you open up the debug screen with F3 or Fn+F3 you can tell where you are within a chunk. If you /f map you can also see what chunk you’re in and if any factions are nearby. A chunk of land is a 16×16 blocks extending from skylimit to bedrock. Now each player is limited by to how much land they can claim. Each player has 10 power so each player can claim up to 10 chunks.

This means If you and your 2 friends make a faction then your faction will have a power of 30. Some factions have over 200 power. The hard part is trusting more people with your faction to claim more land and ultimately be safer. An enemy cannon has to shoot from further away based of your claimed land. What a lot of people don’t realise is if someone dies they lose power, decreasing the value of their claims.

For example if I died in a faction my power would go down to 8/10 and if I kept dieing my power could go as low as -10/10. that means the land I claimed could all be claimed over by someone else because I don’t have the power to keep it. You really don’t want to claim as much land as you have power because 1 death could ruin your faction, I tend to keep my claim about half my total power. Now say you die, don’t worry the power you lost will regenerate slowly over time, so it’s best to stay logged in untill your power is back up to max and keep an eye on the land claimed along with everyone’s power in the faction.

To check up on your faction just type /f show. When you’re ready to raid type in /f map on, so as you travel your radar will detect any factions near you. Once you find a faction you want to raid you should /f enemy <faction name> that way you can hurt them in their territory otherwize your neutral attacks wont do any harm. If you want to ally your neighbor factions you can /f ally <faction name> that way if you raid together you won’t hurt each other. You can always /f neutral <faction name> at any time as well. Remember whether they are ally, neutral, or enemy they cannot break your blocks nor open your doors however they can use stuff like pressure plates, wooden buttons, and open unlocked chests. Now that you have the basics it’s time you plan out your factions base to protect you from the biggest threat, enemy cannons. The bases location is the first objective, if you build near spawn or other people your base will be found often and most likely raided sooner than a base built in the middle of nowhere.

When I say middle of no where I mean around 10,000 blocks away from spawn with no factions claimed near by. Now every server has a world border, that means you can build on the border so you dont have to worry about 1 side getting raided, or if you’re lucky build in a corner and both borders can protect you from 2 sides. The biomes I tend not to build a base in include the ocean, jungle, tundra, nether, and end. The ocean can be a nuisance with all the water you may need to absorb with a sponge, the jungle trees may take a lot of time to clear as well, the tundra freezes water and we don’t want that, and the nether and end are usually disabled.. if they aren’t disabled the beginners should still stay clear.. It’s important to play on a server that you have a stable connection to, especially if you’re playing with friends or family overseas.

OK let’s talk about servers. Currently I’m playing on pvp.originmc.org It’s not my server I just highly recommend it. I think it’s a great place for both beginners and experienced players the shops are very eco friendly and the server goes to great lengths to make the game both lag free and anti cheat. There are normally around 500 people on the server at all times out of 1000 which is pretty active, if you see me on the red server send me a shoutout /msg kevsham and tell me how you liked my video, it would make my day.

Be sure to check out any servers rules /rules /rules 2 etc, It’s important not to break one because you could be banned easily. /help /help 2 etc will give you some information about the server as well as commands that you should get familiar with. Also check out the shop with /shop and get familiar with what you would grow or craft to sell or auction for a steady income. You have an ingame currency /bal will show you your current balance and you can use the balance to buy anything the server can provide. After that check out the kits if your server has any /kits will show you a list of possible kits.

On this server /kit memeber will give some decent starting gear, /kit farm will give you some seeds and plants saving you a lot time and /kit torches is always nice when you need some light. Also on this server I highly recommend you to /wild to teleport you to a random unclaimed area on this world, it’s a really cool feature for those looking to build and those looking to raid as well. I must warn you not to trust anyone you don’t know personally, not even me. People get betrayed, backstabbed, and tricked everyday. Use your best judgement and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Now before you build a castle or some beautiful village, remember you’re playing factions, someone is going to find that and blow it up to remind you of that. Your structures need to be designed to make cannoning very difficult in order to protect your faction and it’s contents. Another huge tip is to keep your most valuable items in an enderchest, it’s the only thing that is unraidable. For your first base I can give you a simple design in my next video.

Please hit that like button and share it with your friends, because you’re going to need all the help you can get to make a great faction. Thanks for watching this minecraft factions tutorial if you want to see more of course subscribe. Take care and until next time. KevSham out….

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