Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as Saltasaur in-game. Mining is a huuuge part of Minecraft. You will need to do so all the way into the late-game. It’s one of the few things nearly impossible to automate in Minecraft. I will be taking a look into a large sinkhole to give a three-part tutorial on mining methods. After all, digging straight down isn’t the best idea- I should really explain that later. And just to give the scale of the drop here… Time to make a dramatic minecart jump, because I can and will. Oh yeah, and I’ll also show a simulated abandoned mineshaft dungeon, as you may run into some while mining. When you’re mining, you will need to dig through a lot of stone. Hidden within are ores, which look like this. These, for example are the two most common ores. Coal and iron are the first and second ores early players will look for. Coal is the black-colored ore here, for reference. Both are found everywhere below sea level. Ores will also require a tier of pickaxe to mine, or else it becomes plain experience points. Coal can be mined by any pickaxe, but iron requires a stone one.

At the coordinates y=32 and below, rarer ores can be found. You can check your coordinates by pressing F3 (FN + F3 for mac). The various ores you can find are gold (yellow), diamond (light blue), redstone (red), lapis lazuli (indigo) and emerald (green). Emeralds can only be found in the extreme hills biome, and gold can be found above surface in the mesa biome. Each ore has a different purpose, some more useful than others. Emeralds are arguably the most useless, but Villagers use them as currency. Coal is used to craft torches and fuel furnaces. It’s also given to bad children on Christmas, though rumor has it that Santa is using Sonic Forces copies instead. I’ll explain the functions of the others shortly, but not without another mouthful note. All rare ores require an iron or diamond pickaxe to mine.

Another thing to note about ores is that gold and iron ores need to be smelted to get their resources. Seems that I’m a bit stuck here… Ores are used for many things, which is why you need to mine for them. Iron, diamond and gold are used to craft tools, weapons and armor. Gold is also used to craft golden apples and clocks. Do note that gold swords and armor are weak, and only the pick, shovel and axe are useful.

They mine faster than other tools. Gold stuff also has a higher chance to get rare enchantments on the enchanting table, too. Enchanting tables and anvils utilize diamonds and iron respectively in their crafting recipes. Both are used to modify tools, weapons and armor. And unlike the others, redstone can be used to build contraptions and make various components. Before you go snag those resources, you’ll need to bring some gear. But that’s another video! See you later in part two! Thanks for watching.

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