Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as Saltasaur in-game. Before you watch this video, be sure to watch the previous parts first. You can watch them in the description, or watch the first part in the top right corner. When you reach deep enough underground, you will find ores rarer than the ones found above. I suggest that you search for them using a branch method. You basically dig straight forward, but every few blocks, dig on both sides to search for ores. It is up to you how many blocks you dig. If possible, try pressing F3 and checking your coordinates. You should start mining at coordinates y=12 to y=15, as lava pools tend to form at y=11 and lower. If you’re looking for obsidian, try searching lava pool areas. Be sure to bring lots of water buckets to put yourself out. It is highly debatable which layer is the best to mine on, and therefore it is your choice which altitude to start at.

You will most likely run into lava anyways. Oh, and the holes here are just some mined rare ores. Here’s hoping that they weren’t actually Creepers or something worse. Wait. It WAS something worse. I’m talking about Silverfish, the annoying insects found in Extreme Hills biomes. I’ve kept them in a cage here, but it seems that they’ve broken out somehow. Great… Silverfish have the tendency to hide inside stone-based blocks, and infested blocks look identical. The only way to tell is to check it’s breaking speed. One way to find ores is to have Silverfish infest blocks, then punch the last one. This will result in all the silverfish removing the blocks in the area. You could also use a splash poison potion on the Silverfish, if there’s a large amount. Every time it takes poison damage, all the Silverfish get alerted. After all, there is a chance that some Silverfish will not answer the call and stay there for eternity without your knowing. Yes, it is dangerous. However, Silverfish play fair and don’t destroy ores, revealing the hidden treasures. I suggest you get on top of a two-block pillar so that they can’t reach you.

I also suggest for the love of Notch, don’t contain them in a stone-based structure. Put ’em in a two-block deep hole away from any stone. You could also store them in minecarts, though you will have to get close to break them out. If you’re lucky underground, you may find the rare occurance of water and lava meeting. It may result in boring stone or cobblestone, or the magical obsidian. Obsidian is the sturdiest block you can obtain without using Creative mode.

It can only be mined by diamond pickaxe. It is used to create Nether portals as well as craft enchanting tables, ender chests and beacons. It may be hard to mine, but it is worth making your anti-mob base out of. The only mob that can break it is the Wither, but you can choose where to spawn it anyways. Another rare thing to run into is an abandoned mineshaft dungeon, which looks a bit like this. This one is a replica with torches, and the real thing is bigger with less light. Inside, you will find many rare ores along with chests containing valuables. However, you will also find a powerful monster exclusively found here too. It’s not a big, hulking beast, but they can take down armored players fast. Cave Spiders are venomous spiders found here, appearing mysteriously out of flaming cages called monster spawners. They’re faster and can inflict the poison effect onto it’s targets. The poison doesn’t kill, but brings players down to their last bit of health. And unlike your typical Spider, they are smaller and can fit through one-block wide spaces.

They can even squeeze underneath half-slabs too. The only way to stop these things from constantly attacking you is to destroy the monster spawners that generate them. Their ability to inflict poison also doesn’t mean they don’t take damage from poison too. Try giving them a taste of their own medicine. Well, that’s it for today, and this three-part guide. Thanks for watching. Be sure to like and subscribe! You can also check out my other videos too! This is Dragon Souped signing out..

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