So dudes, you guys have asked. Let’s do it. A lot of you guys have been saying, “SSundee, stop playing Fornite. Stop playing Roblox. Play some minecraft! Russell queue the awesome Minecraft transition! ♪♪ ♪♪ Like I said these I’m still gonna be playing Fortnite. Fortnite is my favorite game right now. So I’m gonna keep playing that you guys have seemed to really like Fortnite, but today… We’re playing Minecraft. I talked Keehan. You guys remember Keehan. He set up a mod review for me! You guys know the old-school mod reviews. He set up a mod review. He said he put on this world two separate mods. I don’t know what they are I don’t know what to expect, but let’s review this. If you guys enjoy this type of idea for more videos, Let us know, hit the like button down below, and Keehan will make more of these mod reviews and probably make them more ridiculous.

But, let’s do this alright can what do you got for us? Ah? Ok we’re on a nice little beach here, okay. What is… With soul sand, you can create life: the wither. So, does that mean that soul sand equals life? *laugh* *sigh* Keehan, your memes are not memes, and what is this hold on what is this thing? SANIC: “The way of the devil” What did you say about the devil? SANIC: “Do you know do way?” Do I know the way to what? SANIC: “Do we know the way” What do you mean: I don’t know the way? What are you? Are you mini… SANIC: “The way of the devil” SANIC: “Do you know the way?” Are these little fat Sonics? Alright, well alright. Here’s all the chests so we got a question mark back there. We got some stuff up there. Uh… we got looks kinda like a Cookie Monster.

Ehh… Okay, Uhh… what is this, “Mod” “Ugandan Adventure” Are these Ugandan Sonics SANIC: “You do not have the power” SANIC: “You know the way” What is this kehaan…? My first modern view back to Minecraft, and you make it Ugandan, “Tip: use way to tame Ugandan…knuckles.” I got a bunch stuff in my inventory! Wait, how did you put stuff in my inventory Keehan? The crap is this? Okay, so we have a picture friend, we have some cookies, we have a vintage photo, ooh… a vintage photograph. What is this, “Usable in vincent?” Oh, okay, So there’s cameras? Okay, so I’m getting ahead of myself.

Okay. We got to focus here, so we have a D. We have a way, “You do not don’t know d [the] way,” we have a D and we have the way we have… Okay, so this is way. This is way protein, I can eat this. Right… That doesn’t do anything all right, we have a spear and we have “de bomb”, okay, let’s see what “de bomb” does Keehan, you should probably put warnings places. Let me fix this. Short intermission… All right, we’re good. Yeah, all right, so we got a bomb what else wait, okay? We have the ugandan knuckles, you blue knuckles Spawn commander and spawn queen, okay, so let’s spawn all of these things. Let’s go over here Okay over here. Let’s first spawn, uhh… ugandan knuckles RED SANIC: “You do not have the power” Yes I do I will throw a spear at your face RED SANIC: “You do know the way” Oh! *laugh* He’s angry! Look at the little dude, he’s mad! Like the spear in his face now.

He’s mad. Okay, so that’s the knuckles. Oh good god… I threw a spear at his face! Oh, yeah, and I can tame him with way. That’s right, but I get no take the way He just gave me poison ologies, he threw up on me! Do you hear him spitting on me? Gross Keehan, why’d you make him spit on me? Jelly’s, give me some weapons Keehan, please. Uh, I got I got “de sword” “de sword,” Okay. We got it come here knuckles, come here, come here. You gotta go. You gotta go sir. You are so strong… Oh no. Alright, I got away from him okay, so I get it I think I’m understanding this Mod, so I’m wearing a full set of “de armor,” right.

All of this is “De” right, so if I get De pickaxe, come over here, and there’s “De” down in the world. I mined this… I get “De.” Yeah look. There’s “De.” And then I smelt that down and then that turns into: That… and then I use this to craft armor to craft all of that, okay. But how do I craft “way?” So I craft way with using D and using way, and then I get way how do I get away? Yeah wait how do I get ways? Maybe I have to follow the arrows to get the “ways” No Nothing here. 🙁 Anyway, I also have these apples. Okay, so I’m going to test out these apples in a minute before I do that, I want to tame a knuckles. Hello, okay, so if I give him “way,” Okay, he’s warming up. RED SANIC: “Do you know the way” Yes, I do.

I made him sit! Hello? Let me make him stand up. Come with me knuckles! Come with me knuckles! So cute… Okay, so now I have him, sit sir. Thank you. Alright, so now I’m gonna tame a blue knuckles Okay, let’s give him some “way.” Come here. Okay, tame him alright, so now we have the commander. Okay. YELLOW SANIC: “I’m gonna teach you the way” I don’t wanna know the way… Let’s tame him… okay. Next up we have the Queen. She better be pretty. Oh, she is… is she? No, Russell you know what to do zoom in.. Girl scream! Can I tame her? Come here miss can I tame you? I tamed her! Okay, so I got them all! Okay kind of make her siit? Sit…

Sit… sit… boo boo sit… sit… sit… Thank you anyways now next test I want to see how much hunger the way fills up, so I’m gonna run around I’m gonna jump around and see how much hunger this way fills up Let’s see how much hunger I get from this one way One two three and a half okay, that’s not bad, that’s about as good as a steak almost. I’ll take it. Okay and wait way is pretty easy to make I guess I don’t know. So… I’m guessing that is the ugandan oh, yeah, there’s music discs come on. Let’s meet. Let’s listen to these music this hopefully it’s not copyright rustle if it’s copyright put in I Have the spider Alright next one here we go That is sick, let’s just do the next one What the heck is that okay, what is this oh that is cool? Kid how the crap do you find this stuff okay? Well I think that’s the Uganda we have these apples I’ll test those apples in a little bit for now let’s put everything up the next mod is camera obscura shift right click with the camera in your hand to open the GUI Okay, oh, this is a camera mod ok ha.

Let’s get ah Ye old camera ok shift right click ok so if I put a Vintage photograph in here can I take a picture with it hold on where’s my girlfriend. Give me a girlfriend girl girlfriend I told you to sit where I told you to sit get back here Where did she? Where did my Queen go I want to take a picture of a pretty face Fine I’ll find an equivalent to my girlfriend that donkey Hello, new hello. New girlfriend. Let’s take a picture of you ready ok right click Ok contains photo now what I do with this photo is there something in here? Oh? Picture frame oh This is sick hold on hold on hold on so if I put the picture frame down and then throw the vintage photograph in there That is awesome This is a really cool. Mod. So you can actually take I like that so you can run around with Decameron This is the old camera. Oh, let me get a high def camera.

We have the Polaroid camera Well, let’s try this let’s try this let’s see which so I’ll put down all three different photos of my same girlfriend the donkey horse Hello beautiful a poet pose for me Thank you glad you smiled so this one will contain the Polaroid picture Okay, it’s got color It’s got some good definition in it so there’s my girlfriend black and white there’s my girlfriend smiling with some color now Let’s try the next camera Which is the digital okay girlfriend? Yeah, come here? Okay, you’re gonna smile.

Okay. Get a nice smile. Let’s get a nice Mountain. I need you in the light I need in the light. Okay, okay, right there right there miss I? Need you just sir get out of here sir sir I need you to move don’t you don’t you don’t you yell at me. Okay? Thank you you smile Say cheese you lift up say cheese Come on you don’t embarrass me in front of my friends and you just Smile for me no lift up your head smile 2,000 years later Oh look at this picture.

I got the sunset right behind her. Yeah, look at this I have this sunset right behind her let’s see if I can get her stop right there. Okay, okay stop I want to get to sunset miss hold on okay. Oh, this is perfect stop stop Stop girlfriend what am I calling a horse a girlfriend? Okay, right here here? We go. Let’s get the sunset right behind her Right there Perfect let’s see what this looks like so if I put this right here There we go look at that That is good, so I have I have the vintage I have the Polaroid and then I have the digital But the thing about the I was looking through this chest You can actually put filters in this camera like a uh this sepia with gloomy low threshold high threshold bright and happy high contrast retro all these different filters This is say Let’s do a bright and happy filter if I take a picture of oh look – the way I get the ways remember the ways You remember the ways to make to make the way these things Crap them out Go figure, okay, let’s go take a picture With the bright and happy filter That’s a normal picture.

That’s it. That’s a bright picture that is high contrast that looks terrible. That’s extremely high punch That is I don’t know that is I mean look at that what the heck is that? What do you what even is that and that is Sofia Sofia? How do you how do you say that? Sepia that’s the sepia filter, okay, that’s a cool mod, though You can run around your world take pictures and then decorate your house with a bunch of pictures you take okay? That’s a cool mod kit. I like that and then to make all this stuff to make the Polaroid camera It’s very cheap look at this all the crafting recipe.

This is sick. I like this That’s a good mod, so the first mod the Ugandan adventures was Just ridiculous kyun the next mod the camera obscura. I was pretty sad we got picture frames This is nice. I like that that was a good one Kim, okay So we looked at the two mods now. We have a Kyun up there and a lucky block and what is this Craner? Crap you’re doing here Craner Shh, I like seoul san more than cobblestone Russell what roblox moves Alright what it is lucky. What’s in this lucky block soul sand why oh? Hello girlfriend, how are you? How was your head you that’s pretty oh? Yeah, Salcedo lucky apply.

Okay. Is that it? Oh? Yeah, let’s go talk to here really quick. Oh at least 100,000 likes on this video and keen will write something about himself in the next one maybe Alright kid if you say so owner of this pretty cool place ww slash Kian good? Self-promotion a life soul saying way too much. Okay. Here’s kyun. What what is key and gonna say What are you doing in my house you were supposed to be reviewing some mods, also, I like soul Santa Again Russell Anyways, let’s see what these two apples you guys remember the apples daddy apple and the upgraded D Apple right, that’s the upgraded Apple and the normal Apple. Let’s see what these do okay, so I’m gonna eat this one I Got luck speed in haste oh That is sick, and that’s I don’t know how rare These ores are either. I’m not Sure, but now. Let’s see what the upgraded D.

Apple does here we go This better be sick Strength 2 for 20 seconds jump boost to speed 2 in haste I Mean, I guess that’s pretty good. The thing is I don’t know how rare These ores are that’s the only thing cuz if they’re not that rare This is a pretty strong Apple, but I’m not sure This freaking game kid what? You do not know anyway This is for now listen, I’m gonna end this here again If you want kyun to setup more of these mod reviews and make them even more Ridiculous hit the like button down below also let him know which mods he should do This is ridiculous what have you done can I I’ll see you dudes next time Goodbye beautiful thing

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