Hello everyone! My name is mar_heave And welcome to my minecraft channel Today I’m showing you some tips & tricks for minecraft parkour starting from ladders You can climb up by holding forward onto ladders They can also prevent you from falling Shift is important in ladder parkour, when you hold shift you will stay on the ladder As long as you’re in its hitbox Now there’s some ladders around the pillar Let’s try to go up there Hold shift, go to the edge, then hold forward at this direction, then jump. Now, right here, as you can see, you can just jump to climb this ladder. You don’t need any ladder below that You can make this jump without sprinting But right here you have to sprint jump And I fell.

The thing is, don’t touch the wall. Let’s try again. You can try to face away from the wall, then jump. Oops. Don’t face too far away from the wall, jump then strafe to the left. Or, you can step away a bit, look straight, then jump. Don’t step away too much, or just strafe to the wall. This also works for 4 block jumps. Now here we have another ladder parkour, just try to jump forward, but away from the wall. This one is a bit tricky. If you jump straight you will hit the ladder. So jump away from the ladder, hold shift, then strafe right. The next one is pretty simple.

Hold forward to the left and jump at the edge. You can’t do it while sneaking. Let’s check the back. Just jump away from the wall and HOLD shift. Then walk towards the wall. The same thing here. And the same thing again, just make sure you go towards the wall while holding shift. Right here is the same as the previous one but a little bit harder. Don’t forget to hold shift here. And right here I’ve put some more ladder parkours. Here’s a ladder parkour challenge, it’s actually pretty simple if you know the trick.

At the end there’s a special gift for you. Going to the back, there’s some sort of 3 block jump with a ceiling there. Sometimes you can hit the ceiling, so watch out. This one is a hard jump, but there’s an extra platform there. Jump at the edge, then hold shift. It’s a possible jump. But I’ll skip this and let you try it yourself. Vines are basically the same as ladders. But, If you have to jump here, you can just walk to climb this. Now you have to jump here. You don’t need another vine below. You can also jump this one, let me change it. The same here, but it’s a bit harder. Vines can prevent you from taking fall damage, As long as you’re in the hitbox (actually as big as the ladder’s) Now this is vine airstrafe. Make sure you climb up to the top, then try to grab the other side.

Don’t forget to press shift. (There’s a wall full of vines behind me, try to get to the other side yourself.) This one is a 2 block gap, and block gaps. You can barely enter the 2 block gap, but not the others. This one is a block gap. The enchantment table is 3/4 of a block. You can’t go through it. It clearly says that you’re 31 pixels high.

Let’s see, the bed is 1 pixel high and we can go through it. In 3rd person view, you can barely tell your height. At the back there’s a trapdoor which is 3 pixel high. But for some weird reasons, you can go underneath it. Seems like your head overlaps with the trapdoor. Cake, bed, trapdoor. Can’t go above it. If there’s a ceiling before the gap, you can enter the gap with the trapdoor. But I think it’s actually a bug. The same works with repeaters, hence it’s called a one way door. If we were talking about height, now let’s talk about width. That’s how you go up a door. Trying to fit myself into the gap… There you go. Approximately 10 pixels wide. Doors are actually thicker than ladders by the way. Moving on… Enchantment table + slab = 20 pixels high Trapdoors are 3 pixel high. Your jump height is actually around 19 pixels. This is block high. And these stuffs are block high too.

If stairs stop sprinting, Slabs don’t. Here are some random fences, let’s sprint over them. But let’s check that the gaps are big enough. Let’s do it. But you can actually just walk over them. These things stop sprinting. But sometimes we need to stop sprinting by ourselves. Just jump this one. This jump is a bit tricky. So press shift when you’re about to land. I’ll try this one later. This 2 block gap, it has a hole there. You can’t just jump it. Sprint then jump at the edge. Now look at me. There’s a small gap above my head. So there must be some time before I hit the ceiling. So sprint then jump at the very edge. It’s a good way to practice 4 block jumps, as you won’t get it if you hit the ceiling. See that, that’s 2 block. 2 block. 2 block.

If I sprint towards them, nothing is reached. So let’s break these dirt blocks so it’s a 3 block gap. This should make the other gap 3 blocks. And if you want to go through the upper one (2 block), just jump. Then jump at the very edge to go back. That’s the end of part 1, if you like this video like and share it!

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