Hi, my name is Triston and to celebrate the release of Pokemon Go sometime in July I thought that I would show you guys another 3d open-world Pokemon game that you can play right now as we wait. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Pixelmon Minecraft – this is a huge add-on for Minecraft and adds hundreds of pokémon from the gameboy series. You start off by picking a favorite starter pokemon from all but the newest generation and you’re off on your adventure.

You can play like a normal pokemon game where you wander from town to town searching for powerful pokemon and trainers or you can tackle it more like you would a minecraft game and build up a town and farms and stuff. You create your own pokeballs by crafting them. It takes three iron, three cooked acorns and a stone button. All of these are materials that you can and will find a lot of while exploring. You can also find hidden items across the map which will include TMs, Pokeballs, and other handy stuff. You will also find other trainers out in the wild, soo keep an eye out for them. when you beat another trainer you not only get a little bit of currency which you can spend at your local Pokemart but they sometimes drop items as well. Certain pokemon will also drop items. Mareep will give you wool, which is kind of hard to come by since there aren’t any normal sheep, and Magicarp sometimes gives you fish – which you eat Pro tip: you can heal your Pokemon by sleeping in a bed, so keep your eye out for those Mareep so that you can get their wool and make yourself a bed.

Otherwise you can steal it from your pokémon center or do something like that. To use those items on your Pokemon, what you need to do is first send out your chosen pokemon by selecting it with the arrow keys and pressing the R button. Then, with the item in hand, right click on the Pokemon. this will work for potions, TMs, evolution stones, and all that other good stuff. Pokemon spawn randomly, but they also spawn in biomes related to their type. So, rock pokémon spawn in mountains, ground pokemon in deserts, bug and plant Pokemon in forests, water Pokemon near water, and so on. I have also found all the starter pokémon in the wild, so you can catch just about everything; though obviously some pokemon are more difficult to find others. Lastly, I have a couple more tips for you if you’re just getting started.

Number one go straight for the Ultraballs. you’re going to need two black acorns and one yellow acorn. They’re pretty easy to find so it makes sense to go after them first and there’s no need to waste your time with normal Pokeballs about because these are a lot better. Number two – you might want to wait a little bit before establishing yourself in an area until you can find a Pokecenter. Towns have them and you’ll also find they spawn randomly in the world as well. I usually find them in plain biomes right on the border with a forest biome tip number three It’s kind of hard to find low level Pokemon it first so I suggest farming Magicarp at the beginning. As long as they stay below level 15, which is when they learned tackle, they actually can’t attack you and you get some ok experience from them. You can also find level 19 Magikarp in the wild as well, so if you have any Pokeballs and are able to lower its HP a little bit, battle it and catch it and then get to battle some more Magicarp and it will turn into a Gyarados pretty quickly.

Number four – the game is a little heavy on most computers because of all the extra stuff that’s going on, like the Pokemon AI and all the new features. My computer was built specifically to play games with higher end graphics and I still maxed out everything while trying to record this video. It’s not usually this bad but my screen recorder plus the game or kind of a lot if you’re going to stream or record this use the default texture pack and try to reduce as much of the burden you can on your computer. You will need a copy of Minecraft in order to play this you can check the links in the description below if you are looking for a discount. You can also find a link to download this addon. It does come with its own installer, so you don’t have to worry about getting into the files and renaming stuff or anything like that. Just push the button and it works. And finally we’re gonna be putting out a lot of constant the coming weeks, so make sure to subscribe if you want to keep up to date.

Let me know in the comments what Pokemon you would like to see up close and in 3d in a game like this or Pokemon Go. Personally, I cannot wait to go Scyther hunting. Anyways that’s it for me my name is Triston from Mapache Gaming, see you all a game, have a great day, bye!.

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