For PS4/Xbox button input: Triangle/Y – Circle/B – Square/X – X/A – R2/RT – L2/LT hadtoo: using Advancing Slash off a ledge delivers a longer leap for further range on the air attack. hadtoo: Backstep has invincible frames during the animation. hadtoo: Jumping attack can also be done when GOING UP a ledge for more mount opportunities. You will do a Fade Slash when tilting left or right the analog stick during triangle combo button. Note 3 can also be used for a quick thrust. Note 3 can also be used while jumping or sliding. Press triangle & circle button after Lunging Upthrust to perform an Overhead Smash.

Rolling while pressing R2 gives better result at approaching to the target while dealing damage and/or recovering the Switch gauge. You can also Reload midair. Rigshaw: Switchaxe Elemental Discharge Finisher can be executed early with back + Triangle. I mean ”collect Sword Energy” for Phials Counter. I dont know how I wrote that without noticing it. [Super] Amped Element Discharge can be done by pressing Triangle and Circle while in axe mode. While the kinsect is active, its own stamina will start to depletes overtime. Call back with L2 and Triangle to recover it by a small amount. Different ammo will trigger different effect. Some may shoot more than once, while others have slower projectile. Compared to most weapons, bowguns requires you to gather materials in order to craft the ammo you need. Gather around the area while doing other things (like quest and/or investigation), and make use of auto crafting to have your ammo prepared for your next hunt.

Dragon Piercer damage will depend on how far the arrow has traveled through the target in different size. (the further the arrow goes through, the better the damage).

As found on Youtube