You will have a guard point at the beginning of the change of mode for the ax (R + X). The delay is right when you are motionless, but do not press R first where it will not work. If you see the attack coming, an attack with X will make sure you do not accidentally go into ax mode from a normal guard. R + X being still is more complicated, but I advise you to learn this way because there are many cases where the timing is very fair. But it’s still a good start to practice. The Magma Tigerx is my favorite training target. (Forgive him, he has not had his morning coffee yet …) Your guard is as powerful as a big sword, but with the boost of the shield, it is as powerful as a spear.

You can block rock throwing without any backlash. His spinning attack gives you a big kickback. Bites do not repel you … That’s me planting myself 🙂 If you are in Ax mode and you feel an attack coming, go back in sword mode to take advantage of the guard point at the end of the animation rather than trying to dodge. Again, in ax mode, go back to sword mode if you feel like you’re going to take a shot. In this video we will see how Guard + 1 and Guard + 2 work well for someone who uses guard points a lot. To succeed the guard point, you must block frontally. This howling touches me on the side, so the guard point fails. Finally, the roar has the most significant backlash. Even with Guard + 1 a spinning attack causes a big backlash. Learning to use R + X the second before impact is a great way to train. It will also cause your dodge abilities. I could be wrong but it seems that the screams are less powerful below him and more powerful if we are right in front.

The guard points can be the difference between life and death. Double screaming when you do not have much life left? No problem ! With Guard + 2, small repercussions for most attacks, and if you master the super discharge (X + A after a guard point), you can abuse it. The spinning attack has a moderate counter-attack so you can react with a dodge or super-dump right after the guard point. (Me missing and spoiling an Ultra, to make a Super, go fast backwards with the Pad and press X during the animation.The timing is very tight.) Even with Guard + 2 you must have the effect of improving the shield in boost mode of the shield.

Do not use too much guard without boost. In general, the guard points are cool when you know how to use them, but become central against monsters with predictable movements or who charge you. With the guard point, nothing is scary if you see it coming ^^ If you hunt based on the guard points, using the Shield Shield is a quick method to do damage and explosions are always fun. (And do not use the fire element against a Magma Tigerx, I was just training at the guard points and I did not even want to change the weapon) I plant totally Super, finally making an Ultra, we are only men. (Except if you’re the Chris TUTUBER …) Good hunt!.

As found on Youtube