Hello there And welcome to a Nioh boss tutorial! Todays boss, it The Great Centipede, Charlie Brown! Now friends, The Great Centipede has 100 legs And a bunch of different body segments But hes only got one brain And I mean to tell you, it ain’t all that big! And we can use his low IQ, to our advantage! Lets see how to beat him… The first order of business, is gonna be to cut the monstrosity down to a more manageable size So pop up this ladder, and hit our buddy here with a plummeting attack This is gonna do Huge amount of damage to his body segments Once you’re down here, quickly break one, and then Ignore the rest of em… Different ones of em are gonna decide to run off in all different directions And it ain’t important to chase em down. What IS important is to fine the glowin rock thats spewin all this poison out Go ahead and find it just as quick as ya can And then what you’re gonna wanna do, is navigate yourself to this pillar Friends…In my videos there been a number of “Happy Little Spots” That we’ve stuck ourselves in But I don’t think, in the HISTROY of this series, there’s ever been a more powerful “Happy Spot” than this one right here So long as you’re on this side of the pillar, he ain’t gonna be able to hit you with anything Including his poison and lightning breath The best time to run to the other side and attack him Is right after he does one of these projectile attacks If you run in while he’s doin his little “Pacman Maneuver” He will get you for a little bit of damage Keep up that little song and dance for a little while And them, just like we did with “Hino-Enma” We can take down his stamina bar, with our “Throwin Stars” And then, use our living weapon, and just beat the Devil out of him! In retrospect…

You’re not gonna wanna finish his stamina with the throwin stars You’re gonna wanna finish it off, with your living weapon itself that way hes gonna be stunned for the entire time you’ve got your living weapon out And you dont have to chase him up and down like I am doin here Because when he loses that purple bar He is gonna run from you, and go into a hole over here He’ll get back all his parts, and he’s gonna shoot at you Youre gonna wanna run up this way, and hide behind this pillar here So that he can’t hit you with nothin. From this point on, its pretty much rinse and repeat Lure him back to the spot Take out his extra body parts… Kill the poisonous stone… And continue to abuse his lack of intelligence When you beat “The Great Centipede” that little kitty is gonna be awfully impressed with you And you can continue on with your adventure Knowin…that there’s one less giant bug out in the world! Thanks for watchin todays Nioh tutorial Give it a “Like” if you like it, and Subscribe if you really like it! And feel free to leave comments down below Did I miss somethin? Is there a better way to beat this boss? Let everyone know down in the comments.

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