Ludwig is a is a challenging boss in Bloodborne. In this video we will show you how to get a perfect kill. For his first phase, it is suggested that you fight unlocked as it allows you to more freely bait his attacks and react accordingly. He typically opened with either a lunging arm smash or his jump attack. Both need to be evaded by rolling towards Ludwig, which also leaves him open for a few hits. The attack you want to bait is the diagonal slash from top left to bottom right as the follow up is very easy to roll through to your left and punish the rest of his combo. After several hits to his legs will Ludwig fall down, allowing you to combo him for a brief time. At about 3/4 health, the boss gains new attacks. He has a sweeping spit attack from left to right with slow windup You can either run away from to your right; and a quick spit attack straight towards you that you can roll away from in either direction.

His bite combo can stunlock you, but his third bite is easiest to roll through to your left and allows you to counter. His charge attack is extremely dangerous, ant it is advised that you roll to your left as the move has an extended hitbox to the right due to Ludwig biting in that direction The leap attack where Ludwig disappears for a few moments is initially tricky , but there’s a tell as to when he’ll come down Ludwig shrieks, leaps into the air and blood drips from the ceiling. A faint low growl can be heard. This low growl is the tell: when you hear it roll away and his attack will miss. it is not advised that you attempt this on the stairs as . the incline messes up the timing. Strafing Ludwig to your left is the easiest way to avoid his attacks.

Distance between you and Ludwig at this stage is dangerous as he has several projectile attack and lunges with tremendous range Get in close and continues strafing and dodging to your left. Other than the first swipe, his horizontal swings have poor tracking. It is not advised to strafe right, as he has quick swipes that are difficult to to avoid on that side. His overhead slams have a blindspot if you are very close to Ludwig and will simply miss entirely. You must stay patient and swing only once or twice as his follow-ups are quick and punishing. If you need to heal, always continue dodging left as moving away from him makes you easy prey for his overhead slams After enough hits, he may be stunned for a visceral but you must be close in order to initiate it Non-skill builds are advised to simply combo his side, as that will yield higher damage.

At the end, speak to him one final time, and receive the Holy Moonlight Sword. .

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