Kodama one is located just short of the first shine, behind some breakable boxes at the top of the stairs. Kodama two is found a little further than the first one, but not much further. Rather than turn right towards your objective, turn left and walk straight to the kodama. Kodama three is found in the area you battle an army of yokai, just behind a tree. Kodama four is located at the back of the stables, just after you fight off all the yokai. Use the door to the shrine for quick access! Hot Spring one and Kodama five are right next to each other. The hot spring is hidden behind a guardian wall, and the kodama is just adjacent to it. Kodama six is found not far from five, hidden behind a door leading to some broken steps.

Continuing from Kodama six, go towards your objective and find the sixth kodama off to the right by a door frame that is destoryed Kodama 9 is found by starting at the last shrine, and preceding to the last large battle area where you face multiple yokai. Climb the ladder and destroy the boxes in the corner to find the kodama Kodama Nine, the final kodama of this stage is found just past eight. Rather than take the bridge to the bird boss, continue onward to the wall and take a sharp right. SUBSCRIBE .

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