Some people asked me if there is an easy way to reforge the skills you want on your weapons and the first thing that came to my mind was save scumming, which is copying you’re save to a USB Drive, reforge and if you don’t like what you get, recopy the save and retry again The information you can find by googling or searching on YouTube is contradicting Some people suggest this method and others say it doesn’t work. Well i’ve tried and both the ideas are wrong. normal save scumming doesn’t work because apparently the abilities you get are predetermined and no matter how many times you try, you will get the same sequence of skills. I will start by showing you this. I will assume you know how to copy your save to a USB drive so I skipped that part.

I will try to reforge the first skill in this katana so first get skill ki reduction, then grapple damage and familiarity damage bonus now i will recopy be the save and retry again. To prove that I’m not just reusing the same video from before I sold almost all my spirit iron chunks and now you can see that i have only 43 of them. So let’s try again First kill is skill ki reduction, second is grapple damage and the third one is still familiarity damage bonus So you can see that even if I recopied my save, the sequence of skills is still the same but there is one way to manipulate that sequence i’m going to show you in one second So to do this you need to be in New Game+ because you need divine fragments If you use 1 divine fragment to reforge, the sequence of skills that you will get from using spirit iron chunk will change so for example I get quick attack damage, lightning and mid attack break which are different from before.

If you still don’t get what you want after using all your materials you can reset and instead of using 1 divine fragment use 2 divine fragments at the beginning and so on until you get what you want. So i hope you can now reforge the skills that you want. It might still take a while but you won’t waste as many materials and gold. Thank you for watching. .

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