Okay, Nioh. I hope I got the „pronounciation“ right on this one as Pasha Biceps would say. Papa Biceps, Polish Biceps, are you getting it? No? Okay, nevermind then. I went to papa London school so I think I learn de English „pronounciation“ right. I’m just kidding, it is indeed Nioh. So, this is yet another optimization for the game that I wouldn’t cover otherwise, but it was requested by our donators and here I am covering it as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played a lot of games, but I’ve never played anything like this. No controller worked for me for this game nor the keyboard controls are bindable. So in this video, I’ll just go around running from one guy in this cell or prison or whatever it is.

Well, because.. I couldn’t get any of the controllers I own to work on this particular game. Since you’re here just to see how to improve the performance, let’s jump straight into it. So first of all what you need to do is as always download Low Specs Experience from my website. Install it and then go to the optimization tab. Search for Nioh and extract this 7-Zip package in your game folder and then start ragnotech control panel from that exact folder. After that, simply select the method of optimization and resolution you would like to run your game on. I’ll select 720p so I can show you side-by-side comparison of the results. After that I’ll be showing you the difference with 800×600 resolution as well, which is not accessible by default.

For that matter we’ll have to use a thing called ReSwitch. Don’t worry, it installs with our software as well so you can simply jump into it, select the resolution you want and then minimize this cmd window and start your game. ReSwitch will do its thing after 60 seconds in-game. Anyway, that’s all I had to share with you for this video. Please keep in mind that there’s nothing special going in in the rest of this gameplay, but me running around just to test the performanc e a little bit.

Because as I said no controller worked for me and keyboard binds are all over the place. Anyway, I hope you found this video useful. If you did, please do like and subscribe for more similar content. Dislike the video if you feel the complete opposite and I’ll see you guys next time with a whole new video. This has been Ragnos, signing off… .

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