Today I want to talk about my build Although i’m not an expert it’s something that has been requested by many people and I feel like you might still find some of the information I give useful. I will start with my clan which is Furuta. I know that many people like Toyotomi and I can see why they might want the bonus amrita earned, but if you’re choosing Toyotomi because of the money then you’re doing something wrong. The best way to earn gold is by killing revenants and selling divine and Furuta increases the value of items when selling to a blacksmith by ten percent so i think it wins in this regard and in addition to that it increases your luck by 40 which increases the probability to find rare items such as smithing texts and divine items. Next are my accessories; Yasakani Magatama is a must have in most builds because it increases the set bonus requirements by one which allows you to mix and match different sets.

I change the second accessory depending on the situation but right now i’m using luck and human equipment drop rate because I’m farming towards a +10 bow. My equipment is not perfect but I’ll give you a quick look through it and then I will talk about some special effects Most of the special effects on your weapons depend on your play style but there are some that appear in every build I don’t think they need much explanation but Change to Attack A+ and Close Combat Damage +20% are some of the special effects that you might want on all your melee weapons On your main ranged weapon you need either agility damage bonus or familiarity damage bonus because it also applies to your melee weapon. I think one of the most important abilities on your armour is shorten recovery time and let me show you why with two clips, the first one with the ability and the second one without In the first clip it took one second to recover while in the second one it took two seconds it might sound like nothing but that one second might be the difference between being grappled and not being grappled.

I use a variety of Omnyo and Ninjutsu but these are the most common ones. There is already a lot of information so i won’t talk too much about them But i will talk about the mystic arts. I used to use amplification but i recently changed into awakening and I will show you why in one second Although the duration increase from amplification is nice, having instant cast allows you to become more versatile For example you can cast spells when you are attacking or while you’re running.

That way you can cast spells without waiting for the enemy to stop attacking you or without the fear of being attacked while casting. For today I’m done, sorry if you wanted more information but i’m still trying to overcome my self-consciousness and audience fear. If you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe for more to come Have a good day 😉 .

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