Hello. Since all youtubers like to give names to their builds, this one is called Gogandantess, for he is the greatest swordsman of all demons after all. First of all, sorry about my english and let’s see what this build can do. This is an advanced build. It’s hard to use but it has awesome results. Basically we compensate the nerf given by the patch by nerfing the enemies even more ourselves with debuffs. If you need to level up your character fast, check the links in the description. I hope you enjoy this. Ok, so let’s check the base stats required for this build. 99 heart for attack power…

26 stamina so you can carry all the stuff and keep the B rank agility… 9 body and strength so you can use the armor set… 30 magic so you have 40 onmyo slots and 25 spirit so you can use Tengen Kujaku as guardian spirit. From the Sword tree, you need Night Rain and Sword of Execution. From the ninja tree, choose Enlightenment, Medicine Man, Power Pill and Ninja Tool Mastery. As for Onmyo, get Weakness, Sloth, Awakening, Water, Water Shot, Lightning, Lightning Shot, Wind, Wind Shot, Extraction and Incantation Mastery.

Get also all the passives from each tree as soon as you can too. This build is based on the 5 piece skills which gives us extra damage on enemies that suffer from some specific debuff. We will use Wind and Lightning debuffs since the Warrior of the West’s Honor and Daiichi Daiman Daikichi sets have swords as their composing weapons, but it will also work if you replace the Daiichi set with the Li, the Red Demon set, but in this case you will need his spear and to learn the Fire and Fire Shot Talismans from the Onmyo tree instead of the Lightning ones that we learned. As for the rest of the gear, just use a Yasakani Magatama so you can reach the 5 pieces bonus, and use the Warrior of the West Bow with Agility Damage Bonus on your active slot.

You should try and get Change to Attack based on the Heart attribute, a good Final Blow damage and 20% of Close Combat Damage for optimal results, but I have alternatives to that, and they do work well enough. Try and put the Attack attribute from the Red Demon Gloves on all pieces of your armor from inheritance too. I’m not making use of my Change to Attack since mine is strength based, and only the the skills I showed you before are active, ignoring all the passives you should have. This is our damage from the front, and this is our damage from behind using Night Rain which also has a 30% boost from the Daiichi set, at level 166 with only the basic stuff activated. I will show you now how to use this build, and the Final Result, with all the passive skills learned and at a higher level. Start in the High Stance by casting extraction for the guardian spirit attack bonus, any weapon talisman and the Power Pills. Then, engage the boss and optionally inflict sloth on him, then weakness, and fire 2 or 3 of each Lightning and Wind Shots until he gets inflicted by both debuffs, which will cause confusion on him and allow you to get those 32% bonus attack from each one.

Then, go for a Night Rain backstab to 1 hit stuff. If a boss is resistant to any of your Lightning or Wind debuffs like this frog here, just replace the one they resist to with water. It should give you similar results. You can also combine Warrior of the West’s set and Kingo’s set instead of the Daiichi set, but in that case you will rely only on Water and Lightning debuffs, and when you find a boss like Nue, which is resistant to Lightning, you won’t be able to inflict one of them. Thanks for watching and please Like and Subscribe if you think I deserve it. .

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