Hello there, and welcome to a Nioh boss tutorial! Today’s boss, is Nue Now friends, Nue is a lightning kitty With the face of a monkey And a tail that happens to be a snake. Which is a description I never thought i’de give anything… And at first lightning kitty might seem like a particularly difficult boss Bein that he can kill you so quickly And has such a wide variety of attacks But we’ll see that he aint all that hard to beat! Especially bein that he has a happy little spot you can stand in and be mostly safe. When you first start the encounter, you’re gonna wanna give him a few seconds to get all his “Kitty spasms” out So just stay away from him initially And wait for him to shoot lightning out of his “Monkey Face” You will know its coming, cause he’ll get all sorts of lightning chargin in his mouth for a few seconds before he does it. When you see this you’ll know its time to start runnin, to his left, your right And gettin in this spot right here, between his legs this is a good spot, a happy spot, so long as you’re standin here, most of his attacks aren’t gonna do anything to ya He will do a “Ballerina Spin” And his you with the “Snake Tail” But you’re a big strong Irishman! And it aint all that dangerous.

Unfortunately you can stay in this spot forever There are two attacks that you’re gonna need to watch for And run from The most dangerous is when he does a little “booty wiggle” right here And then he’ll call lightning from the sky FOUR times Remember FOUR times as you’re running away You dont need to sprint, and you dont need to dodge unless you get hit by one of em. Just keep movin, and watch and listen for 1…2…3…4 of em to come down And then you’re all safe! The second thing to watch for, it when he rears up on his legs like this. That means thats hes gonna do a roll, and you wanna get out of there. The roll will do some serious damage to ya, if it hits ya And he will shoot lightning when hes finished with the roll, so be aware of that.

When you’re lookin to get back into your happy spot Make sure to stay patient, and not to just run in at any ole time Wait for him to shoot the lightning from his mouth And then pop right back in Also, don’t be so quick to get back in, if you dont have a good way out! Wait to engage “Lightning Kitty” in an open area So when he does one of his dangerous attacks, you can get out quickly and safely Its worth nothing as well, that when hes doing certain lightning attacks His tummy is gonna glow! If you manage to hit him correctly in his tummy while this is goin on, he’ll lose his stamina, and for a brief moment, will be stunned And stop doin his lightning attacks though when he does regain his “Lightning Kitty”state he will shoot lightning from the sky So be aware of that.

When you beat “Lightning Kitty” You’re gonna have to say ” Iam sorry for beating you Lightning Kitty” Or you wont be able to continue on with your adventure Because manners…are important. Thanks for watching this Nioh tutorial Please, give it a like, and subscribe if you really like it please leave some feedback in the comments do you have anymore tips on beating the “lightning Kitty”? Share em with our freinds in the comments Thanks again for watching, and have a good one! .

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