Ogress or “Kijo” are female demons in Japanese Folklore. They look like human females but are hideous in appearance, with red eyes, claws, long horns and twisted faces. Kijo are women that were transformed into demons through jealousy, terrible crimes, or due to the most intense of grudges held against others. Kijo will often retreat deep into the mountains and avoid people, focusing on pursuit of magic to continue their bad deeds or fullfill their revenge. When fighting Ogress you want to stay up in her chest as much as you can. Her arms will swing past you and you will suffer no damage. She does have one attack though, that hits the ground directly in front of her so be mindful of that, though it is rare. The only attack you really need to worry about in this entire fight is her jump attack that has crazy tracking. You will either need to dodge at the very last second or dodge twice to avoid the attack, and even then you might still get hit. Save your heals for when you are struck by this attack and learn to avoid her others.


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