The best way to get a huge slot ship early in No Man’s Sky is to find crashed ships, but without finding a transmission tower it can be difficult and time-consuming unless you employ this little trick which will increase your yield for time massively. In case you don’t know, Crashed ships are just randomly littered all over the galaxy, they are there waiting for you to find and trade for your current then fix up. Crashed ships used to be just a slot or 2 higher than your current so you could improve your current over many different finds, But now you can find crazy big ships when you still have the starter Rasamama, sometimes it’s worse sometimes it’s better and they have a different amount of broken slots that can be repaired for units. Quick warning, these slots get increasingly more expensive to fix, the starting slot might be 36 thousand units to fix, but it gets to 300k and more very quickly.

The second thing you are looking for is the class, you can find A class, I’ve never seen an S class crashed ship but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were out there. I’ve only ever seen hauliers crashed also but you can definitely find Fighters and maybe even Exotic. The classic way to find crashed ships other than just spotting them randomly is to find Transmission towers, these look similar to observatories but instead of a satellite dish, there’s a comms tower, solving the simple logic puzzle inside will give you a crashed ship waypoint.

You can often get the location of a transmission tower from NPC’s, I had a Traveller NPC in a space station give me a transmission tower location with the Ask for Help option in the speech, it took a few times but it’ll cycle through points of interest. But beyond all this, there is a great way to passively find them as you fly over a planet, I should note that I found this out from Reddit User Stick89, The new fighting system in allows you to cycle through the current ship targets to lock on to, This includes crashed ships, so by pressing 1 on PC or the right D-Pad button on PS4 every second or so as you fly over, you will lock on to any crashed ships you fly near, pointing to exactly where they are.

I found myself a 47 slot A Class Hauler very quickly using this method then right after found another 47 slot A Class haulier but with a further 6% increase to shields from the last. You will realise after doing this just how many crashed ships are strewn about the cosmos, it’s crazy, it seemed like they were super rare after they took away the ability to scan for transmission towers but the ships are still there. A quick tip, once you’ve found one to trade, while this won’t give you huge amounts back, is to dismantle any tech extras you can. Also, don’t charge you warp drive before doing this as you won’t get the Warp Cells back when trading.

You will also need to as a minimum fix the Pulse Drive and Launch Thrusters, so if hunting for multiple ships, just fix those 2 and don’t touch the broken slots till you have your final ship. You will need Heridium and Iron to fix the ship up to a minimum standard, Iron is of course everywhere and super easy to get, but sometimes the Heridium might require a small trek to find so collecting a few stacks before hand will save you time.

Yet another thing to take into consideration is that while your new ship has broken slots which take its overall value down, you can still trade a 47 slot A Class Hauler with 18 working slots for a 35 slot A Class Fighter or similar with everything fully working on a space station or trading post with no extra cost, it’s worth looking around and a great way to quickly upgrade at the beginning without having any units. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask and if this video helped you, think about hitting that like button and maybe subscribing for future gaming tips and tricks. The official Xaine’s World website is up and host to some tools for mass effect, news posts and more great stuff coming very soon. Above all, have an awesome day folks!.

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