During last nights No Man’s Sky Atlas Rising stream, many people kept joining and instantly asking, how to find portals and how to play it in multiplayer. Considering how many times I explained, I thought I’d just make a quick video. So, essentially, Portals are how you find your friends in No Man’s Sky now, They are near exact rip offs of Stargates, which I am fine with, I love that show and wonder why a Stargate game was never made. Anywho, these portals are one per planet and are going to be ridiculously time intensive to find by flying over the land and even then, you will likely miss it as you go over. But there is an intuitive way to find them that just makes sense.

Portals look very much like the ruins you find, so that’s a good starting point. To Guarantee you find a portal in 2 moves, you need a few things, You need 50 Iron, 25 Plutonium, the highest level item for the race of the system you are in, so for Korvax is Korvas Casing, for Gek it’s Gek relic and so on. Once you get to the Portal you will also need a little over a stack of Silicate, Oxide and Isotope, It doesn’t matter what kind, but to keep things cheap, get about 300 Heridium, 300 Iron and 300 Carbon, allowing you to save your precious rarer resources. Once you have this lot, build a Signal Booster, to do this open you build menu, on PC this is the Z key, Once built access it and pick Monolith, This will find the nearest Monolith and add a waypoint to your HUD, Follow the Waypoint until you have found the Monolith, At the Monolith, you may as well activate the 2-3 knowledge stones for a few words and then activate the monolith, As well as the previous 2 options to solve the puzzle and receive a reward it will offer you the chance to find a portal by giving it the Relic of the species that owns that system.

When I was originally finding this out I did not have the Korvax casing, so went for the question for that time, the question answered correctly gave me the item I needed but the Monolith only takes a single input so I repeated the Signal Booster to find another monolith and give it the Korvax Casing. It will then add that planets Portal to your HUD. I’m very confident it is now one per planet as one of the planets I did this on sent me to the almost exact opposite side of the planet for the portal, and these systems work on giving you the nearest location. Once at the Portal, you will need to power it up. It will spring to life and a console will emerge from the ground in front of the portal tower.

The console has a number of glyphs on it, each glyph will require 50 of the common Isotope, Oxide or Silicate to power up. Once you have fed it and it is powered up, the gate will be somewhat usable. Unfortunately, you cannot dial it yourself just yet. But you can retrieve the address of the planet you are on, making it easy for a friend who has unlocked the glyphs to come and visit. But for you to use the portal Stargate system, you must learn the glyphs. The activation of your first portal will also spark the quest line associated with the portals, when you go into space after activating a portal, you will receive a transmission, listen to it and follow the transmissions as you go through a very long but very very cool quest line all about the Portals. It mentions glyphs throughout, but as I found out eventually, it does not teach you the glyphs.

It would appear these can only be learned in one specific way. That is to search through caves on planets to find travellers such as yourself who have died long ago. These travellers have data logs on them, by reading the data logs you will slowly learn the Glyphs, I don’t know exactly how rare these are, but even the game information itself says the right to use the portal system has to be earned, so expect a fairly large grind. But the ability to meet friends and new people through it will be very cool, so certainly, worth it, I have no doubt that in the next few days, people will be posting the addresses of their home worlds all over the internet as invitations.

I hope this has cleared things up for you, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments, and let me know how you feel about this new patch, it’s the first steps toward multiplayer, sure you only appear as an Orb but can talk via open proximity voice channels, it seems pretty cool to me, it’s almost like the game is of final release grade now. Like, Share, Subscribe and have an awesome day folks..

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