No Man’s Sky Next is coming, the big Patch 1.5, and there’s some serious preparation you could do to get ready for when it drops. While there’s lots of speculation going around about what’s going to be in the Patch, it is fairly obvious that we’re going to have a galaxy reset, and some new items of some sort and maybe more. It may be pointless to guess exactly what we’re going to get, but by looking at the very vague, basic logical assumptions, we can start preparing for very broad potential features so that we are prepared for the majority of what may come, and that means there are a fair few things you might want to do before it drops to be in a really good place to enjoy the new content and avoid any regrets. So let’s go through them. The most obvious way to prepare would be by gaining units. A new patch is very likely to have new things to buy, or improved versions of previous things, if your talking the most expensive thing currently in the game, that would be an S Class 34 Slot Capital Freighter weighing in at 465 million units.

When you trade a ship or freighter, you lose 30% of its value in the trade, for this example that’s a huge 1million units lost if trading one to another and you don’t know if there will be freighter or other such things in the same bracket of greater value or not. And while it’s quite possible the ship/freighter trading systems will be different, we don’t know whether they will, or in what way, so if you’re looking for something to do why not start earning units. The maximum amount of units you may have is Billion, this is a fairly substantial amount of units, far higher than you would need to buy everything in the game as it currently stands. I wouldn’t suggest you go to the max unless you fancy reaching that ultimate milestone, but I’d certainly say it could be worth reaching 1 billion to likely cover all your bases.

As far as ways to earn that colossal fortune. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing guides every Monday toward this preparation goal covering every aspect I talk about in this video so that you are as prepared as possible for what comes NEXT. Another thing that is highly likely to happen is a galaxy reset, to what degree is unknown, but there have been 2 resets in the previous updates with the Atlas Rises update being a fairly substantial one which had big changes to planetary generation, left many people with bases glitched underground, underwater or just plain not in one piece.

A Galaxy reset will almost certainly cause most active players to change their planet and therefore change their base, lot’s of them taking those bases down for the materials, meaning that with how the game currently works, that base will be gone forever. So I suggest you spend some of your time now checking out others bases, maybe there’s a bunch you’ve always wanted to see, I’ll be doing that myself over the weeks until launch showcasing player bases on this channel every Wednesday starting with this Wednesday.

There’s a lot out there, there are around 170 bases on the Farmers Market alone and that is not even most of them. With a mention of the Farmers Market, there are plans in the works to combat the fact that a galaxy reset would likely mean a fresh start to the database but don’t worry, the Market will go on, and if anything, will grow far strong coming into NEXT. If you have never heard of the Farmers Market, it is linked in the description and is a large database of player farms submitted by players, I take in the information through the use of a simple web form and send it through a labyrinth of calculations to spit out all kinds of useful information, check it out, it’s also not too late to add your own base, submit your base now while the world still has the ability to see it. Keeping in theme with the likelihood of a galaxy reset, bases and planet generation aren’t the only things that are likely to change. Crashed Ships, Known Ship Spawns, Freighter Spawns, Multitool Spawns, all of these things would change under a reset, meaning that all of those great ships, multitools and more that have been documented in videos, on Reddit and on the Wiki would cease to be accurate.

If there are any of these things out there that you wish to get before the update hits, you should do it now, as while the potential leaked release of August by Kotaku has a decent likelihood of being correct, it is far from official, so avoiding regret, and getting these items you want now, while they are still available is a good move. NEXT is to start backing up your saves regularly. If you don’t already make regular backups of your saves, you should start, I would suggest at least once per week and then maybe make that once every day or 2 as we move into August. The more you backup the better, and while this is a smart thing to do anyway, as we move toward a large update, backups are that much more useful.

In previous updates, people have had game breaking glitches that caused them to lose their game and just make a new save, whether they actually needed to do that or just didn’t realise how to fix it is unknown, but I saw many reports of this. I’d be super unhappy if I lost my main save, it’s the one I made in the launch hour of the game, I have a folder on my PC with about 40-50 backups that grows by 2 or 3 every week based on anything I’m playing or testing. It’s easy to do, If on PC, type percent symbol “AppData” and then the Percent symbol again with no spaces into the search box on the lower left of your desktop, click enter and it will open up the hidden AppData folder within your user folder.

Find the folder within there called Hello Games, then a folder inside there called NMS, inside the NMS folder will be another folder called st underscore then a long string of numbers, that is your save folder. Copy that folder and paste it into a safe place, I would just suggest maybe a folder in MyDocuments called NMS saves, then make a new folder for each backup called whatever data you made the backup with a descriptive title, put the backup in there and jobs a goodun. For PS4 users, I’m not exactly sure, but from what I know you can save your game to a USB device, in which case it can be copied onto a PC and saved in a directory or at the very least, you could keep a spare copy of your save file just on a USB. Completing the Atlas Path and Artemis questlines could be a good idea before the update. They may change, they may not, but if you haven’t yet completed them but are very close and things change, it may cause you slight regret for not just taking that little extra time to complete.

The story of No Man’s Sky is actually quite compelling and interesting, it’s very much worth immersing yourself in the lore. Though on a slightly spoilery note, I would advise against moving on from the Euclid galaxy. The majority of players are in the First galaxy, and if improved multiplayer is to be expected, you will experience the best of it in Euclid. Though for those who are in the 2nd through 9th galaxies, and are not already apart of a civilization you value, then the 10th galaxy Eissentam has the second largest population of all galaxies, so that could be a good move. Budullngr and Hilbert, 7th and 2nd respectively are also fairly populated by active players. Beyond number 10 it is very much an almost entirely Nomadic existence, which really, probably makes for an especially epic time when you actually do see the existence of others. Whatever you choose to do in this regard, it is worth taking a few moments to consider the options and see what you want to be able to do.

And I guess the last bit of preparation is to subscribe to Xaine’s World and click the bell notification so you are sure to get all info on the update as well as plenty of helpful guides, showcases, g-logs and streams leading up to and beyond NEXT. And once you’ve subbed, consider taking a look at my Patreon, I post updates on my plans and progress as well as the videos on there while they wait for their scheduled time slot anywhere from an hour to a week early. We also have a discord, pimped out by our resident builder Voxel, there’s a bunch of us on there already so stop by and have a chat or even just to get back up stream notifications.

But above all, have an awesome day folks!.

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