Today we’re going to go over where to obtain Kelp Sacs and what to expect when farming them. Kelp Sac’s are an exotic substance that can only be gathered in the wilds of ocean planets and potentially planets with just general large bodies of water from specific flora on the water beds. The plants can be identified via a glow generally emitted from an orb like petrusion, there are many different plants that can give the Kelp Sacs and have this glow but generally you will only find one specific type per planet that supports them. For those unsure why you would need Kelp Sacs, they are needed in quantities of 50 per for the construction of Weatherproof Rubber. Weatherproof Rubber is needed for constructing a Landing Pad at your base and you need 5 of them per pad, so it can be a little tricky.

Kelp Sacs are also required for crafting Copper Wire, NipNip and the Albumen Pearl Orb which is the farmable plant that produces Albumen Pearls. Finding an ocean planet can be tricky so to make things easier, I have listed a number of portal addresses that only require the first 2 glyphs known to dial at The Kelp Sac address on screen now will take you to a mostly desolate world with no negative environmental features other than your life support draining at a 2x rate, so just make sure to pack a few Power Gel Devices. Considering the nature of swimming, it is slow and requires you to hold your breathe. A way to help with this is to build a Nomad platform just by the gate and use the Nomad to skim along the water looking for the glow of the Kelp Sac plants below, Equipping yourself with the Aeration Membrane technology for your exosuit will enable you to ignore the need to breathe for as long as you have Zinc, Titanium or Shielding consumables to charge it.

Farming them at night also makes a huge difference when using the Nomad method as the glow is very visible and the sunlight doesn’t reflect obstructing your view. As 250 Kelp Sacs are required per Landing Pad, we’re going to take a look at the planet and see how long it takes once through the portal to quickly setup the Nomad and then farm 250 Kelp Sacs, don’t worry, I’ll timelapse the Bulk of it. <Kelp Sac Farming Video Insert> So that actually went even faster than I had anticipated, it’s definitely the best method for farming Kelp Sacs, I managed to get my 1500 very quickly and will be landing padding it up very soon! And that’s about it, if you’re wondering why the hell I need 6 Landing Pads, well, I onjly have 1 at the moment so yeah, need 6 more, but really a base vid will be coming quite soon. Don’t forget to visit to find those ever useful portal address and pop it in your bookmarks for later. If this guide helped you at all then please hit that like button and think about subscribing if you haven’t already, but above all, have an awesome day folks!

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