No man’s sky is a bit a mess performance wise, specially if you are taking on the daunting task of trying to play this game on a low end computer. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel because the modding community has really steeped up their game this time and even tough it is only weeks after launch there are already some really promising mods to remove many things and get as best performance possible on this game. And on this episode I am going to share some of the best ones I have encountered so far. So I am going to be using a 800×600 resolution and all settings to the lowest possible, but still the game is a pretty much unplayable on the nvidia 540m setup and the 640 setup that I tested. So, how much can mods do… To install a mod you need to move some files to a specific place in the installation folder for No Man’s Sky. For Steam this is located at your program files, Steam, steamapps, common, No Man’s Sky, GAMEDATA, PCBANKS… Every mod will have a .pak file that you need to place on this folder.

To uninstall the mod simply remove the .pak file out of the folder. Easy Oh, and do not try using several of these mods at once. For the moment they are not compatible when all used together, try the different variations and stick to the one that works best for you. First we have “No Shadows”, which does exactly what it describes. It only has one .pak file and it will remove all the environmental shadows in the game which makes it look really odd but gives you a significant improvement in performance.

Next we have “internal resolution multiplier” which you can use to change the internal or external resolution of the game. Inside the mod files you will find a folder for “hardcoded resolutions” which are basically the normal external resolutions of the game including some resolutions that are not in the game’s settings or in the “scale” folder there are files that change the internal resolution of the game, including options for 75 percent, half and 25 percent of internal resolution which will give you quite a reduction in the detail and give your GPU a lot of breathing room… now this a bit hardcore… So, pick ONE .pak file either for an external resolution or an internal one and experiment until you can find one that works best for you. And my favorite for last… the wonderfully name Project Potato! This mod removes post processing, volumetric lighting, shadows and reduced the quality of all sorts of effects to give you the lowest end experience that you desire for this game and it looks amazing.

The download includes several previous versions of the mod but I have had the best experience with the newest version of the folder. Let’s give it a short try. Is there something moving inside that rock? There seems to be something moving inside that rock. Ok. That’s interesting. However, the one thing that I personally think will end up redeeming this game in the eyes of many people are going to be the mods because damn I have never seen a modding community act just this strikely fast! The game has not been out for that long.

Ooh, what is that? Oh, that’s gotta be worth something. So, in this game we’re just hive parasites that we just go into planets and strip them bear of their resources to sell them to our alien overlords. Fantastic. Oh, crap. So I just discovered you can actually hit rocks to get resources. So if, you know, mining wasn’t tedious enough, if you actually think “oh, it could be a little bit more tedious” well, this is the thing for you.

One thing I will say, I really like the music design in this game. Right I can survive with that. This is an amazing cavern, so there’s a heridium deposit this way that I can probably use to repair my ship. So I guess I need to find an exit for this cavern, although even with the low graphics this is… is kinda cool. Umm, woah, ok. Pretty sure that is not intended. Right so I’m underground, at least I can use… ah so this is the bug world I guess. Ooh, I might have broken the game. Ooh, what is that? IS there a crouch button? Oh I get it! I’m in a crater. Right. I mean seriously couldn’t they just randomly generated an Heridium deposit like a little bit closer? Ah, this one’s much closer to whatever I was being led to.

Ok, good. Let’s get all of it, all of it. All that I need. You know what? It’s time for some old fashioned, sort of- it’s time for a launch test. So, ooh, that’s not the button I wanted to press. Go- Go- wait, damn. This milestone thing is so annoying, it’s popping up all the time. How do I get… ah! There you go! It’s beautiful. It’s working. Time to see what awaits us, in the wide, wide universe. Excellent. Great work! Engage ludicrous speed. Woo-hoo! Oh I thought it was going to kill my computer, it’s actually doing quite well. Cue the… unnecessary rock music. Excellent. Right. Ooh, what’s that? Let’s see if I can get myself something flashier and more interesting. So… ooh! Who’s this little guy? “Make an offer for the lifeform’s starship”.

That’s neat! 541! Shit! No, sir, no. It’s half a million units. Damn, ships are expensive. One million units! Oh, I feel just- this is how I feel when I walk into a computer shop and it’s like “oh, I may buy a new computer! Oh, I can’t!” Shit, let’s just go to another planet. Oh, are we going to cras- nope. Right! Time to test a new planet. Engage pulse drive. W-Where is the brake?! Nevermind that! Prepare to enter planet orbit. Lifeless planet. Wow, that’s interesting. This is just a honk of rock? What was that? That didn’t sound so lifeless. “Plentiful resources likely” and “Elevated strain on life support systems”. Damn that’s actually pretty interesting. So this is a planet with low atmosphere which apparently has no life, except these, uh leaves I guess and these space mushrooms. But probably has a lot of resources to explore, like… gold! Doesn’t look like gold but I’ll take it. That is all for this video. Remember that you can watch the full version of this gameplay here. Also, give these mods a try and make sure to share which one works best for you.

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