Howdy Folks, in this video we’ll be covering the new Pilgrim Motorcycle Exocraft fully, with tests on it’s base and fully upgraded versions, as well as all other Exocrafts utilizing the new technology modules for comparison of the 4 crafts, a look at the new technology modules and what they offer and how far you can go with the new Exocraft customizations. Let’s Start with the customizations. It’s a super simple menu that offers mostly just a paint job, no physical attributes are altered on any of the Exocrafts, it is purely paint and decals. All Exocrafts have slightly different naming for their parts but offer the same customization, this is an overall paint job that allows you to change a Primary and Secondary colour, though the secondary is referred to as Accent, it is a full half of the Exocrafts surface. You can apply decals to both sides and the front and back individually, these locations are the rough locations, but it is such with all. You get 10 default Decals to choose from, a few numbers and some images and symbols, these are reused glyphs from base building.

I fully expect decals for Exocrafts and of course eventually and probably soon, ships to be a major part of future Quicksilver rewards, for Exocraft especially, it is quite possible they will add body parts to the crafts, though this is pure speculation at this point. The final part you are able to change on the Exocrafts is the colour of the thrusters output, the Thrusters has a standard 2 colour design, and these colours can be chosen by you, I personally went for pure white thrusters, as I think it looks badass, I also went for Black and white for the paint jobs as I like the contrast. With all of these changes we got new technology modules for the Exocrafts, these are exactly like what we have for Multitools, Starships and Exocrafts already only with a few minor differences.

The first is that the vendor that sells them is your employee, even if he doesn’t give you a damn discount, though what he does do is not increase the price. As these modules can only be purchased from the specific NPC, which is the Exocraft Mission giver at the Exocraft Terminal in your base, there is no multiplier on the price, so for example, S Class modules are all 360 Nanites each, 360 Nanites is the base cost of all S Class modules, but space stations have that pesky price modifier that adds a different amount depending on the vendor you purchased from. As well as this, the Exocraft vendor will always have 99 of each module for you to buy, and he sells every single one, C, B, A and S Class for all of the upgrades, so you’ll never have to worry about availability. The Modules available are upgrades for: Engine, which gives stats for Top Speed and Fuel Efficiency. Boost, which gives stats for Boost Power and Boost Tank Size. Cannon, which gives stats for Rate of Fire, Damage and Weapon Power Efficiency.

& Laser, which gives stats for Mining Power & Fuel Efficiency. Unfortunately, I cannot say whether Adjacency bonuses are active on these or to what extent. Logically, adjacency bonus is indeed active on these modules, and as you either gain from placing them to maximise the bonus or wouldn’t anyway, you may as well place your modules in an optimised payout under the assumption that they benefit each other. It is possible that while they do have adjacency bonus, that the main modules do not benefit, or some at least, so I will not advise doing the cross pattern that I recommend for starship weaponry, instead, I would recommend doing the layouts in a cube with the main module present in the cube and the extra blueprint modules, if any are available, touching the main module first, and then s class upgrades after that.

The Mining Laser, for example, has a main module, 2 blueprint upgrades and a potential 3 s class upgrade modules, in this circumstance, imagine a 2 high 3 wide layout, the bottom middle is where the main module goes, the bottom left and right house s class upgrade modules with the 3rd going in the top middle, them filling in the top left and right gaps with blueprint upgrades. This can’t be easily done in all Exocrafts though, as they all have varying inventories, which have been expanded. As well as the technology upgrade modules there are also 3 new suspension modules, these affect the forward and angular grip. The lower the grip, the more the slide. The first is the Drift Suspension which increases forward grip by 200% allowing you to stop almost immediately, it also decreases the angular suspension by 34% which allows you to slide like a beast. The second is the Grip Boost Suspension, this decreases forward grip by 50% and increases angular grip by 110%, this Suspension is aimed toward being able to turn tightly at speed, essentially, the complete opposite of the Drift Suspension.

The Last is HI-SLIDE Suspension, and this reduces both, the Forward by 50% and the Angular by 34%. Now while I didn’t actually instal it, it was available to instal the Hi-Slide while I already had the Drift suspension installed, so I imagine both together would cause some sort of equator sized donut, but it may also not stack, or just make it unplayable, in retrospect, I should have tried it. So for inventory, it is pretty simple. The Nomad and Pilgrim both have 16 slots, annoyingly they are not in a nice clean block and as ever are jumbled about. This makes layouts tricky. The roamer has 28 slots, which is rather handy, and the slots are in a very nice layout. The Colossus has a whopping 42 slots. All exocraft slots regardless of Exocraft can hold 5 of a Product like Living Glass or 500 of a resource like Ferrite Dust, they are exactly like your Exosuit Cargo slots. In order to obtain the Pilgrim and the Summoning Station you simply need to build a Blueprint Analyzer, which if you have the ability to have Exocrafts, you already have.

They both cost 10 salvaged technology to purchase. The Exocraft Summoning Station is kind of like a wifi booster… bear with me on this one. Instead of the usual short but useful distance that you can summon your exocraft to you via the quick menu, the Exocraft Summoning Station allows you to summon your exocraft from anywhere on the planet. So put your Exocraft Pads down, then a summoning station, this is especially useful on a world you have a base on. Very much so, this Summoning Station makes the Colossus just far far more useful, as now you can just summon it to you if you find an area that is especially mine worthy and chow down on the minerals around, then leave it there going back in your ship and summon back to base to unload.

I tested each Exocraft with and without full Boost and Engine upgrades, some gain a lot more than others from these, I also tested the cannon and mining beam with and without the upgrade, but we’ll do the engines and boost first. As I explain my findings I will show a split screen view of the before and after tests to give you a good idea of the differences. The Nomad acted as before just a little slower without any upgrades, it is very slow on flat land but hovers exceptionally when using the terrains ridges as boosters to jump while also pressing your boost as you come close to the edge. The place where the Nomad truly shines is it’s ability to glide over water, it is the only Exocraft currently available in the game that does not just sink incredibly slowly and cause you a huge headache when hitting water.

Interestingly the upgrades don’t have a particularly huge effect. The Boost is significantly increased, but this doesn’t help the nomad all that much, as if you time it correctly, a short unupgraded boost is sufficient to reach top speed when reaching the apex of a ridged bit of land, the only time the extended boost is useful in on flat land, and it does help there but the Roamer and Pilgrim far surpass the nomad on flat land even if they were not using their boosts. The best upgrade for the Nomad is the engine upgrades. They increase both the fuel efficiency and top speed, meaning that you have a small yet noticeable speed increase on flat land and don’t have to fill the tanks as often. For the Nomad, I would suggest only the Engine upgrades unless you have nanites to burn. The Roamer is as ever fun, the Engine and Boost upgrades add a very noticeable improvement to the roamer, the roamer is kind of like a bouncing buggy, it’s fast, tight and takes a beating.

While all of the tests were done with the drift engine, I would recommend not and if anything using the engine that allows for tighter turning, slalom is the Roamers true value, other than that, it doesn’t really have a place anymore. The Pilgrim is beautiful, and I have to admit I am a little smitten with it, the difference from unupgraded to upgraded is the most noticeable of all on the Pilgrim, for speedy travel an unupgraded Nomad would beat an unupgraded Pilgrim, but with upgrades, the Pilgrim destroys the Nomad in all but water. The Pilgrim is by far most fun with the drifting engine, you can pull donuts the size of a football field with ease and make absolutely huge jumps with low hang time for speedy travel. Fully upgraded, the boost will propel you at crazy rates forcing you to destroy entire forests in seconds, it is hard to control but oh so fun.

It feels like a perfect hybrid between the Roamer and the Nomad if it could ride on water, there would be no use for any other. I fully recommend using both Engine and Boost upgrades on this Exocraft, it takes advantage of both immensely. The Colossus has had it’s engine improved, it now does move noticeably faster unupgraded, it is now far more viable for large-scale local excavation, especially when combined with the Exocraft Summoning System. The upgrades do make a very noticeable improvement, the boost especially, which allows for some decent short bursts across your alien quarry. It really all depends on how much you are going to use it to whether you invest in it’s upgrades and as before, whether you have nanites to burn. After testing the engines and boost, I also tested the cannon and mining beam briefly. Currently, the cannon gained hardly any extra compared to unupgraded, so little I am certain it is bugged, so currently, it is not worth using. This is especially true as the mining beam is practically double once upgraded, not only this but it does not far off the damage of the cannon, so you can save space and nanites by having just the mining beam and using that for the occasional defence also.

Now while we have gone through all of the current Exocraft goodness that has been provided in the Patch. No Man’s Sky’s crazy modding scientist RaYRoD has found some new stuff in the files, new Exocrafty stuff that isn’t in this update, oh yes. And I say new, but I believe parts of this may have been known for a bit, but anyway. In the game files, the Pilgrim is ID’d as WheeledBike. Well, there are 2 extra Exocrafts in the game files that are not yet in-game, there is a Hovercraft, which I am very intrigued about as the Nomad is already a kind of Hovercraft, though I could imagine this new Hovercraft excels more on flat land and so would triumph against the ocean’s surface. And the last one is, the best one, that everybody has been waiting for for a long time, it is a Submarine. Now, I’m getting this second hand through Peaceful Gamers twitter as it is incredibly late, so I don’t want to bother RaYRoD, and I promised this vid tonight, but if any of what I just said is off in any way, I’ll be updating this in a pinned comment, so just give the top comment a quick once-over to ensure I’m correct.

Either way, if this is true, there is no known time for their release, the Pilgrim being released is surely a good sign that they are coming, but nothing is definite. For all we know, there are big issues with the physics of a submarine, everything in water sinks in No Man’s Sky unless it is right on the surface, so having something that is static in water may be troublesome. But what we do know is that they have it in their sights, and they are working on it. And that’s about it, this mental video was originally supposed to be a quick overview and closer look at the new Exocraft, it quickly turned in to a Full-on review of everything exocraft related that has been introduced in this patch and more. It is far from what I would consider to be comprehensive, and with the potential addition of 2 more Exocrafts, I think adding Exocrafts to the list of MEGA-GUIDES I need to work on would be a good shout, there is a lot that I did not cover in this video, or at least, did not cover with a fine tooth comb like all of the numbers and such.

Don’t worry, the Exocraft MEGA_GUIDE will come after the ones already promised, we’ve gotta wait for the other 2 first anyway. So thank you for watching, I hope it was helpful in filling you in on the new stuff coming in 1.62. We have a Discord full of helpful folks linked in the description. Also have a Patreon linked in the description, if you wish to support the channel but not in a monetary fashion, sharing is a fantastic way to do that, it really helps the videos and the channel by getting the word out and helping your friends stay informed on the goings on of No Man’s Sky. Have an awesome day folks .

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