Howdy folks, another week, another No Man’s Sky Patch and as with all of these crazy weekly patches, more big fixes and some changes you’ll definitely notice have been implemented, so let’s get right into everything you need to know. As before we’ll go through the less important but still worth mentioning minor changes and bug fixes first, these are; • Improved prices trade outposts offer for trade goods • Added ability to hold backspace to delete text in text entry fields • Improved pagination of tech and product build windows • Added a penalty to standing for killing civilian ships • Changed farmer missions to count plants grown anywhere towards requirements, including outside of player bases • Improved fog and weather effects in low flight mode • Reduced FPS when the game is not in focus • Improved planet temperature ranges • Improved storms on lush planets • Improved price comparison text on the ship purchase screen • Improved trade product pricing And for the bug fixes; • Restored missing Atlas Seed blueprints to affected players • Fixed an issue that caused players to skip certain Atlas Stations • Reduced chance of multiple missions sending you to the same destination • Fixed landing of S-class ships • Fixed an issue in displaying temperature modifiers on hot planets • Fixed an issue with a particular Factory Raid mission which would prevent completion • Prevented failed timed missions remaining on the mission board indefinitely • Fixed issue where certain missions would incorrectly show markers in the galactic map • Fixed issue where planets on a player’s freighter would break whenever the freighter was moved • Fixed an exploit with teleporting between systems to trade • Prevented gas harvesters being constructed on planets with no atmosphere to harvest • Fixed number visibility when moving inventory items • Fixed an issue where player could not build item stacks in creative mode • Fixed issue where the economy description on the galactic map had untranslated text • Fixed issue where units would function incorrectly for players with more than the maximum amount • Fixed issues where maintenance components would require different repairs after rebooting the game • Fixed an issue where delivery missions were occasionally failing to register as complete • Prevented bounty missions failing if you choose not to attempt them immediately • Prevented terrain editing effects showing while you are in your vehicle And for the ones that I’m really excited about; The biggest thing in this patch would appear to be the new flight controls, the entire flight system has had an overhaul and will feel very strange at first but is actually a fair bit better once you get use to it.

I’ve made a quick little video that goes over the new flight system controls, link in the description. • Allowed economy Scanner to be used from the Quick Menu to locate an outpost This seems like a small thing but it’s really not, it’s a new and better than before way to find outposts on a planets surface, I can’t be the only one that has thought how broken finding planetside locations has been. No more relying on “Ask for Directions” • Added economy information to the galactic map for systems the player has already visited This seems like another small one but it’s actually fantastic, it was very annoying not being able to quickly reference systems i’d previously been to for their economic fortitude. • Improved pricing of freighters and freighter trade-in values This is a big one that currently effects yours truly.

I’m in the process of making my units to buy a Freighter and in a few days I shall be doing so, does this mean I no longer need 400 million for a decent freighter? *Wow these are currently insanely cheap in this patch prerelease, I wonder if they’ll retweak or whether all freighter will now be far cheaper than standard ships. • Increased tech fragment rewards for tech debris Now, this seems super vague and non specific, I imagine I am missing something here but have no idea what the hell this means. If anyone watching does, please let me know down below and I’ll pin your comment to keep others informed as well as myself. • Updated and improved terrain editing effects I’ll be testing around this over the coming days as I am really hoping this has added some stability to terrain editing around your base, If it has you can expect some base related videos asap. *After a few tests, it does seem that the stability has indeed been improved and that the terrain isn’t resetting in randomly ugly ways, but I have not yet done enough testing to be sure of this, so don’t take this as a definite.

• Improved rewards given from factory and harvester buildings to avoid awarding known recipes Another huge yet tiny change. Almost every damn blueprint I get is one that I already know, this change is extremely welcome and will make playing far less frustrating. • Added categories to the item transfer window Ok, not bad, good yeah, the transfer system is still a bit crap so let’s improve this further… • Added a new send window to aid in transferring items THERE WE GO! yes yes, good change chaps, good change! • Added “Upload All” button on the discovery page Small, yet very welcome. Now we can just individually name the ones we want to then mass upload the fodder. • Improved price modifiers for different economy types This is good, hopefully at least, the economy system definitely needs work as far as what it effects. And that’s about it for this weeks changes, lots of very cool and welcome changes and fixes, I’m wondering just how long the devs at Hello Games are going to keep up this weekly patch streak.

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