What’s up guys welcome back to no man’s sky today we are going to take a look at finding a farmer for our farm yes I sound like a robot there had to apologize but anyways we are also going to talk to our… over here is the farm I forgot to mention. Like yeah. This is the farm from terminal all of our storage and we do need a farmer from the what you may call it the space station and I will show you guys the freighter in a moment but for now i want to go ahead and listen to what our new hirelings or people have to say so first of all buddy what do you have to say for yourself ok so this guy needs mordite crystals which you have to kill animals basically to get the mordite yeah it was a bit of a savage thing but it has to be done it has to be done murder has to be committed too innocent poor animals right next up is our scientists our geologists Larry so Larry what do you want condensium which we need that hazmat suit for all rights and then let’s go to our weapons smith over here and see what he wants mm-hmm so there is an unauthorized mining underway ok please mark the miner on my map mr.

Weapon smith ok cool so now I think this is where the technology we will get all this type of technology will be advanced mining and stuff so wherever there is an outpost ok and let’s see over here the technologies yeah so the hazmat suit we need heridium and platinum or plutonium or what which one was it platinum i think yeah whatever so let’s quickly go to our ship and liftoff and where is my ship hello ok I did discover my ship I really want them to have a landing pad maybe it is a future kind of thing they will add we can land your ship on like close to your base on your base or whatever ok so let’s see if we cannot reach that outpost it should be oops wrong one about four minutes away but let’s boost okay it might take quite a while about 50 seconds yeah but now 50 seconds.

Let’s just jump out and then jump back in alright there we go and let’s go down and see right over there is the outpost we must reach and down we go we’re coming for you buddy we are coming for you better not do any illegal mining or your head will be mine all right and can we land on that pad yes it will allow us to land here nice. Ok now let’s see what is going on in here ooh loot gek charm our cannister and shielding shard nice yo hands up man don’t don’t you move I just quickly wanna to check out the vicinity interact with this device and yeah it is a new multi tool will check it out in a second but you my friend what kind of an illegal mining are you doing forget this misunderstanding alright that scan the miner’s tool ok and we got advanced mining laser which requires heridium and platinum nice alright let’s see what this guy it looks really cool really really cool but it’s 14 slots and I think if we go ahead and compare our multi tool which is 15 slots there it’s not worth my time no I’m sorry it if it was 16 slots a lot of considered but no all right anything else over here let’s see if we cannot get the materials right now all right there is heridium and platinum ok cool well aluminum aluminum yeah and give me some of that thami…

Thamium them as well and zinc as well I should be careful i spending too much otherwise it will not have any which we call it money left ok cool so what I’m going to do here is I’m gonna put a cut in here and then i will see that cannot find materials i probably have to go to the space station and then i’ll see you guys in a bit welcome back peeps so I am quickly going to do a flyby from our or through or towards our freighter over here and this is my beauty yet this is my freighter and she is pretty cool she is really really cool i love it how she looks all that thing is gigantic I don’t know if you get like freighters with more inventory space whatever but yeah this is beauty she’s mine she is all mine.

Oh yeah. And maybe next episode of all take you guys into the freighter just want to see if maybe in this episode it but it depends on the time you know it really does but that is beautiful really really beautiful let me know in a comment section what do you guys think about this beautiful spaceship alright let’s head back into or not back to let’s head into the space station and see if we cannot trade and get some materials so we can finish off building or adding technology to our multi tool and maybe they’re hazmat and look that’s us well sort of a loved one this is the first time I see it I loving it how that spaceship comes in the same time as we are that’s freaking awesome alright out we get and what do you have for sale anyways aww man that thing is beautiful just like mine haha alright buy from you heridium sure zinc of course there we go and Chrysonite I think i will take that as well alright cool so do we have enough yes we do alright we have upgraded to the advanced mining laser which is pretty cool and now we need more her heridium so let’s see we can’t find heridium on any of these ships or anybody or is anybody willing to trade Ammr friend yeah totally alright cool just want to make double sure heridium right okay buddy i have some business for you i want to do some business wish we could skip this dialogue it’s it’s just so annoying for me it’s very annoying alright give me all the heridium you have thank you so much kind sir all right now leads yet we got all the materials and it’s added baby just want to move this maybe we can get a bonus or something that nope wrong one there we go alright so no bonus but that’s ok that’s again now let’s see if we cannot go and hire a farmer that’s the other reason why I came here is a farmer and luckily for me this guy on the right is a farmer yeah that one he likes me I like him all right tell me yes you are a farmer and i need your assistance my friend yes I could do a farmer please come work for me awesome alright so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna put another cut in here get back to base and then let’s see what the what this farmer has to offer us so i’ll see you guys in a bit and welcome back peeps so here is our farmer he is so happy to be in his little seat wiggling his little feet yeah man welcome to your new home a fresh supply of sac venom is vital for many formulas ok I accept bloods…

Bloodsbane blood that sounds so demonic ok so we have learned a hydroponic tray which requires iron and zinc alright cool so let’s see if we can start building i think i have enough materials farming ok so they do snap to awesome ok we can build about 12 of them so there’s 1 2 3 4 oops ok so you ah so this is how you do farming okay but we need a lot more materials and like so and let’s see we cannot like make it like symmetrical and all with a road down the middle ok so that one’s fine all right there we go oops there we go nice we’re winning and like that ok cool mm but it’s off its off I can’t walk i want to walk in the middle so we have to move this row up one more ok so let’s turn or let’s just delete these ones like so so nice ok stand there and just I just want to line them up perfectly there we go yeah that’s all aligned nice let’s rotate this one place that one this one and this one ok so this is our farming facility oh yeah that looks beautiful really really beautiful ok aww I cant cannot add the lights here is it because i don’t have the formula or it what’s going on here if I will see i will see what we can do voltic cell and heridium they all cost the same but i’m pretty sure it’s because you need to place them outside not inside i don’t know i will have a play around with that at some point we have to do some engineering or interior designing I mean okay getting confused them own place so that’s the what do you want again i forgot all right he wants one of those daggers ok that’s fine that’s fine we can probably go trade to find it or maybe outposts or loot crates or whatever and then we can find it okay destination reached what are we going oh my well Larry sounds very angry what’s wrong buddy oh you need the condensium mmm i think that is a plant or something off planet somewhere not on this planet I’m pretty sure and you little guy what do you need mordite ok so that is killing animals okay yeah we have to go that route people we have to okay and right so i want to quickly test out this laser but i think it won’t make a massive difference let’s see if we can find anything bigger and about this guy yeah looks a bit faster and a little bit not too sure that feels actually the same for me and don’t know about you guys but feels the same way for me hmm let’s see we hear what does it say through dense minerals alright so it’s only for like very tough minerals and stuff and I don’t see any in the immediate vicinity but yeah I think that’s going to be it for today guys thanks so much for joining me here on no man’s sky hope you guys did enjoyed today’s episode and if you did make sure to that like button and i’ll see you guys next time bye bye

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