What’s up guys welcome back to no man’s sky and today I think we should go ahead and finish all of the missions well see how far far we can get the finishing the missions for our builder weaponsmith and our scientist so let me show you guys that over here i have a couple of items that we require to finish all of these quests so the Pearl i think i just bought somewhere and we have some venom and a dagger and if we go to our farmer over here we can see ya there you are so over here this plant will give us the get this one yeah yeah this one it will give us the venom we required to give to the scientists and that took me a while to figure out it really did I should read more of the text and just not just play alright so the scientists will get the sac venom or venom sac or whatever and yeah let’s go ahead and see if we cannot talk to him before we talk to our farmer let’s go over here hello our geologist larry was going buddy I do have a present for you and as you guys can see it would give us the circuit board or the scientists will there we go and we have learned that formula for a circuit board this will come in very very handy but if we take a look at what it requires that’s copper wire which requires some kind of plant i think is just that plant might be underwater i’m not too sure but this guy requires yep a couple of things i will look at it at some stage so let’s go to our weapons expert and say hi and give him his dagger man this guy’s been waiting for his dagger a long time yes can you please finish talking alright thank you so much and what did we learn a new weapon for our spaceship oh baby well this inventory is very confusing if I can put it that way I still have to add like shields and weapons and more engine stuff yeah but this is it it doesn’t look very hmm ok i will look at that at some other point we might do a whole episode just upgrading a ship or maybe go buy a new ship I don’t know alright Larry tell me what we need to know what is the next mission ok so you want us to build a beacon already did build one so you don’t have to worry about that yeah don’t worry about that and we have a new formula glass okay and I think that element we can get only from what do you call it check over here yeah that element comes from icy planet or planets that are very cold ok anything else buddy so you need copper wire hmm ok i will return with three copper wire okay he requires three of them and that requires that plant that grows under water ok cool we shall return to you and then what do you have to say mr.

Weapons expert I can’t pronounce his name ok he also requires that frozen element or whatever so that might be the next mission which I need to go to which I need to take it travel or shoot for the stars need to travel to that planet is basically what i’m trying to say or a planet dammit alright anyways let’s go talk to our former over here real quick what do you have alright he… ok so this mission is still the one that is bugged or there’s a glitch we say mark rooms on map then we don’t get any coordinates he had that is a thing so i have to have to go read up on what to do to get the coordinates I don’t think talking to him his second time might help yeah yeah we get you can you mark the ruins on my map once again please okay you know what I think I thought that he needed the pearls but yeah this is the bug thing yeah i’ll read up on that ok guys let me go on a quick expedition get all the resources we require and then I will bring you guys right back see you guys in a bit welcome back peeps so i did get this blue stuff which is a neutral element and it is rare so let’s go talk to our weapons experts yeah he requires that you require the copper wire ok can can stop stop talking please yeah you require the copper wire and we here is our weapons expert so let’s quickly talk to him see what’s up sounds like this guy has real trouble talking yes i do have your whatever elements you call that I cannot pronounce that I’m not gonna even try not on youtube i’m going to try it ok so another new type of weapon or modification actually anything else I need to build a science terminal we do have one already built it ok cool now do you have anything else for us maybe ok so you gave us OH that looks fun and it looks fun alright one last time what do you have for me oh nothing well you have my gratitude kind sir okay so let us go and see how this weapon works uh-huh so we go over to this stuff just move that away the stuff over here and let’s go check install technology that’s just thruster stuff or engine stuff and over here we need nickel and platinum I think we do have that stuff I think see all right platinum we do have definitely and over here we too have nickel alright cool let’s see if we cannot install this weapon yes we can but i still need to rearrange all things so that i can get the bonuses as you guys can see some of the things don’t really give each other a bonus so I still need to work on that but it will come maybe in a new ship or something we will have to see ok and let’s go ahead and put the Platinum back into storage there we go and take the zinc out put that stuff back in there and let’s go ahead and wrong one there we go just recharge our technology alright cool and it’s see over here no space over here ah there’s some space let’s go ahead and transfer that over there and let’s talk to our farmer oh yes you have that bugged freaking quest alright so you know what i’m gonna do is i’m going to put another cut in here trying to figure out this bug quest and then i will bring guys right back as soon as I solved it so see you guys in a bit and welcome back beeps so it has been literally two days since in real life real time i did manage to figure out this guy’s problem or the quest i did make a bit about it and I posted it before this video so i do apologize if they look like a mix-up and whatever but in between hi did go ahead and plant a couple of plants as you guys can see and have been real busy real busy i installed another storage container over here where I can just throw those things in there i did manage to get hold of these plants but they were extremely hard to find man did I warp around the galaxy like a maniac just trying to find that stuff a planet of water and that stuff that is a mission so yeah has finally behind me let’s go ahead and put that ball in there since the other storage container is full and cannot stack anymore over here that’s not going to work over here yes we please take my sack there we go and over here I did have a circuit board and couple of copper wires ready to go to complete some of the quests ok farmer tell me what’s next okay so we need more of those plants mmm i only have one planted any two more let’s see farming these ones ok they require it’s not hard to get those things yes not that hard alright farmer i will return to you some point when i finish collecting those resources but today is not the day let’s go to our builder over here and say hello yo man loves very long time long time since we talked i was trying to say very long time but I took my own tongue you go certain board is yours and then we get a mining unit oh baby voltiac cell and insulating gel mmm interesting and that requires 2 voltaic cells ok that’s no problem it’s just more running around getting resources alright geologist Larry guess what i have for you buddy I have your copper wire yes you are you sound very happy my friend oh I only made 1 ehm…

Exosuit yeah I need to make two more can i make two more know what I required as plants luckily we have them in storage let’s go back to the storage containers and grab those plants or one plant was it in here nope in here yes oh luckily i do have enough alright let’s go at craft one and the second one nice this storage container over here and let’s just put those things back nice let’s go finish these quests I’m getting very tired and I really want to go to bed all right Larry I hope you’re happy with your wires yes your suit you sound ecstatic please just continue the conversation and what do we get and a new type of fiber huh alright what else do you have for me okay you need some other kind of elements I don’t know where to get but i will bring that to you in some another time another time that’s what I’m trying to say let’s go to our workmen or whatever you are our henchman landing pad do we have the rooms yet? yes my friend we do have the rooms yes yes now give me the blueprints guys we just learned a landing pad and we will build that in the next episode because i am going to end off this one right here thank you so much for joining me here on no man’s sky hope you guys did enjoyed today’s video if it make sure you hit that like button i’ll see you guys next time bye bye

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