Some people have complained that in No Man’s Sky there isn’t enough to do, which makes no sense. The game is procedurally generated, if you play for long enough, eventually your favourite game is going to be created. Also, there are two goals. The first one being play for an hour without making a sci-fi reference, which I failed immediately. Ugh, here we go. Let’s go where no man’s gone- -god fucking damn it. The second goal is to reach the centre of the galaxy, but there are two problems with that. the first one being that it’s the biggest disappointment since the Mass Effect ending.

The second problem is that a galaxy is surprisingly big. Travelling from Paris to Moscow by car would take 28 hours, but travelling by car from Earth to the closest star would take at least twice that. But Reddit user “RedditUser” found a secret ending. If you strike up a conversation with Atlas, he will tell you… “Killian, I am the God of Space. “No, not the God of Everything, yes… t-the black stuff? “Between the planets? I want you to talk to my balls.” Atlas doesn’t want you to have a chat with his testicles, he wants you to go here and talk to a red ball. And the red ball tells you of “space ball seven challenges”. I promise to show you how to beat all seven of them.

First challenge comes from this black ball. “Killian, to prove your humility I need you to go out and find a sand planet. “Now you might be saying “there aren’t any sand planets” “Yes there are. “It’s just that the chance of meeting one is incredibly rare because of the size. Let me remind you that No Man’s Sky is not a sand game.” Just tell him you already found one because it’s not like they actually exist like in the trailers. Seriously, if you only have 15 people at your disposal don’t literally promise the universe. Second ball will tell you… “Killian, to prove your patience you must travel to the nearest planet and meet a Vy’Keen named Gaomi. Then you shall sit down and listen to his Undertale fan-theories.” So you land on the nearest planet to find Gaomi, and walking around on it will soon make you realise that for a game that marketed itself as an exploration game there sure is little to find. He’s supposed to be here, but I can’t find him anywhere.

Oh, he is here. I just can’t see him. After you’ve stared at air for a couple of minutes, you can leave. Now there’s only five challenges left! But the developers didn’t finish this game, so why should I have to finish this video?.

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