Today I have for you something I have been working on for a number of days. It is a list of portal addresses that only require you to know the first 2 glyphs to use, all of these addresses are listed by the rare elements and substances found on those planets. The elements and substances found so far include Cactus Flesh, Frost Crystals, Fungal Mould, Gamma Root, Kelp Sac, Solanium, Star Bulb, Cymatygen, Radnox, Rubeum, Viridium, Vortex Cubes & Gravitino Balls. As well as this I’ve found a planet that has huge quantities of the uncommon resources like Platinum, Zinc & Thamium9, it also seems to have an over-abundance of Plutonium and about 20% of the planet surface appears to be open air caves making the farming of Marrow Bulbs super easy to.

And even after all that, In my travels I have found a planet that a fellow traveller that goes by the name Kingfooddude had been to that has a Traveller Grave within a few minutes of the portal. To make things nice and simple, I’ve made this list into simple images with the very basic information being the name and the address for each planet, these all sit on a page on my website You can find this list linked in the description or by going to For more information on each resource and the planet where it resides for such things as planning you shielding and gel consumables you can click the basic list image and it will take you to a page dedicated to that address and resource with far more info.

I’ve made this list to be as user friendly as possible for easy referencing in the future when you need a particular resource and will continue to update it when I find the few resources not yet on there like Albumen Pearls, Callium, Murrine etc, as well as when I find more pleasant planets for certain resources to replace the old ones. So stick it in your bookmarks, it’ll likely be useful I’m very open to ideas to make it better in any way so any and all critiques and suggestions are very welcome for anything from layout to content.

Also, this video too short for youtubes fancy and will likely not be promoted, so it’s kind of a subscriber special, but i’ll be exploring these planets more in-depth in their own little tour videos in the days to come. So thanks for watching, hope this is useful to you in at least some small way, Like, share subscribe & have an awesome day folks.

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