Howdy folks I am here with yet another one of my projects. This one focuses on base farms, lots of people have made amazing and very lucrative farms on their home planets and by making them sharable and within the games base sharing restrictions, which is pretty much just the 2000 build limit, they allow visitors to take their fill and make a buck. The best thing about this is that someone harvesting your crops does not take that from you, harvesting and regrowth times are purely local so you don’t have to worry about someone else interrupting your harvesting schedule.

With all that in mind I’ve made the No Man’s Sky Farmers Market. This is a database of peoples farms over multiple galaxies and gaming platforms that holds such data as distance from the portal, portal address, galactic coordinates, crop type, and more. It’s purpose is to create a closer nit portal network of farmers. You submit your farms details on this Farmers Market Submission Survey and people can see a database of portal addresses with what’s grown, screenshots if they were submitted, distance from the portal etc etc. You will be able to see the database sorted by Distance as well Crop or Trade Good type, of course the Galaxy and Platform type will filter the results. This whole thing will allow you to essentially go on a shopping spree, visiting bases and harvesting the crops before moving on to the next making far more Units than ever before. As these bases will likely be ones you will return to, you can just set up your exocraft bay just by the gates to speed it up even further.

The submission form is entered directly into the active database and through a number of functions and arrays will dynamically update the database seen by everyone in real time without you having to wait for me to do anything. This may just be one of the cooler tools i’ve made or am making. This is the first phase at the moment, I’ve created the empty database and have the 14 question submission form connected to it, this is linked in the description, If you want to be a part of this network, fill out the survey, that’s pretty much all you have to do, once a few people have submitted, I can work on releasing the final database for everyone to use. The release depends on how quickly bases are submitted really, I’m hopeful for this coming monday which is the 13th of November, I can definitely get all the mathematics sorted by then to have a fully functional database display on the site. So share the link to the form or this video with all your friends and get them to submit their bases for others to visit and farm.

While editing this I’ve had another idea related to expanding this and as such, submit your farm or just base regardless of how far it is from the portal, though the time to portal is a still a required field. I’m genuinely super excited about this, if lots of people submit their farms this could be amazing! Remember to like if you liked, subscribe if you haven’t already and maybe think about checking out my Patreon, a dollar a month is a great way to help support this channel and my work like this somewhat inase Farmers Market. But above all, have an awesome day folks!.

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