In less than 24 hours the biggest multiplayer event in No Man’s Sky history will be happening as today is Unification Day I wasn’t originally going to make a video before hand about this, but then I realised that some of you fine folk rely on me to keep you informed on what’s going on in No Man’s Sky and that if someone missed out on the festivities purely because I couldn’t be bothered to make a video about it, I’d feel quite bad, so here is everything you need to know in order to join in on the Unification Day multiplayer event and what it’s about. So first off is what it’s about. No Man’s Sky has numerous individual player made civilisations, most of you would have heard of the Galactic Hub, I myself am part of the Galactic Hub, it’s where I made my virtual home a little while ago when collaborating with Khraze. Well, the Hub isn’t the only civilisation, there’s also the Aesir Ascendancy, Arcadian Republic, Conure Republic, Deep Thought Collective, Dynasty Surveillance Bureau, Free Folk of the Fringe, Galactic Empire of HOVA, Arcsinx Nexus, Galactic Pathfinders, Geknip Gang Hub, Kingdom of Olpid, Nesdorinux Project, New Aquarius, No Man’s Sky Love, Pandarian Empire, Solarian Imperium, Seht Research Group, Spacing Guild and that’s just in Euclid.

Hilbert & Eissentam have their own Galactic Hub, Budullangr has The New Hub Order, there’s also more like the Discovery Coalition. Even after that there are more, but the ones listed have joined into a United Federation called The United Federation of Travellers. Each Civilization has it’s seat at the table in the Federation Council. The primary goal of the Federation is to pool game knowledge into a centralised wiki instead of the previous more scattered approach of many keeping their own books while also keeping the customs and practices of each Civilization intact. As well as the info, the Federation also moves to help other hubs start off in areas currently not populated in an organized manner.

And of course to massively aid communication within the No Man’s Sky community. Unification Day will celebrate the construction of the Federation but isn’t just something made up by the Federation, it actually has it’s roots in No Man’s Sky lore. A redditer called Galactic_Glory bought up the idea to the Federation born from a Crashed Ships Distress Beacon that read; “The Logs reveal that the pilot was celebrating a festival known as ‘Unification Day’.

Groups of similar minds, unable to meet but attempting to find one another, to claim worlds accross time and space. Once a year their various alliances, federations, hubs, and empires united to remember at that they were, are, and could become in time…” The writer for No Man’s Sky who actually wrote this aknowledged the event on twitter stating his appreciation. Unification day will take place on the 30th of December at 5pm EST, which is 10pm GMT, I’ll be live streaming the event from GMT until the end. The meeting Planet is located in the Delta quadrant and can be traveled to by portal with the following address on screen now. The planet was chosen carefully and only requires the first 3 glyphs to dial increasing the amount of player able to attend massively, and if you only have 2, don’t worry, if you head over to at the top of that list is a planet only requiring the first 2 glyphs that has 2 graves marked by comms stations on PC and 4 graves marked by comms on PS4 close to the gate, so head over to there and get you extra glyph so you can join in on the fun! Those who wish to travel via ship will be able to participate in an extra event.

As far as I have been able to tell, this address is being used for every galaxy, it is definitely the address used on both PS4 and PC for Euclid. I believe the Budullangr may be using the New Hub Order’s capital, but I am not certain on this. As for the Scheduled Events; At 5pm EST/10pm GMT Unification day officially begins, you have 15 minutes before the first proper event so go have a chat and take some screenshots with what will likely be the most orbs you’ve seen in one place so far. At EST/GMT The Unification Communication will begin where travellers will be encouraged to leave a communication station near the portal expressing something relating to either the festivities or your experience in No Man’s Sky. At EST/GMT My favourite event will start, it is an event that will likely end in the deaths of many many travellers, and this is Barrel Racing. A contest where players will compete to destroy the most sentinels in 15 minutes and not only that, but you need to think about your strategy as the winner is the one who will be able to show the most barrels left by the sentinels on the floor in view, so think about how you’re moving and where they’re being destroyed, I’m unsure if this is from your HUD view or camera mode, I suspect HUD view, but just incase take both.

Submit your screenshot to a Unification Day Staff member and a winner will be picked. At EST/GMT the Drag Racing will start, where players will coordinate to act as checkpoints making a race course while others race using their exocrafts. 1 hour in at 6pm EST/11pm GMT The Photo Mode Scavenger Hunt will begin, unfortunately no more information on this has yet been anounced, but it sound intrigueing, so keep an ear out on the ingame voice chat and the wiki page for updates.

30 minutes after that will be the Terrain Manipulator Sculpting Contest where players will compete to sculpt the best sculptures based on specific themes that will be anounced on the official wiki 10 minutes before. Then at 7pm EST/Midnight GMT the Starship Racing will begin, where those with their ships to hand will be able to meetup at the local trading post and race to the space station. 30 minutes after that is the Nearby Attractions Tour, I think more was planned for this one but as it currently stands there is only one nearby attraction listed and this is only available on PS4 in Euclid, this is Unification Park located on a different planet, a monument to this special day. Then the finale at 8pm EST/1am GMT, the Unification Park Farewell, so I gather that even though most locations won’t have a built park, everyone will likely still headover for the goodbye and photos etc. And that’s pretty much everything you need to know with some you probably didn’t need to know about Unification day.

Make sure that if you are able, you pop over and say hello even if it’s just for 5 minutes, this is an annual event, so make the most of it. Remember that i’ll be live streaming the whole event on this channel as well as twitch and mixer, so even if you don’t have the glyphs yet, you can still join in. Hit that like button if it helped you, subscribe if you haven’t already and maybe think about checking out my patreon, a dollar a month is a great way to support the channel and get early access to the videos, but above all, have an awesome day folks!.

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