Hey, what’s going on, guys My name is KarQ and today we’ll be going over 5 Ana tips that I think are the most helpful in improving your Ana play Without wasting any time, let’s get started. The first tip I have for Ana is learning how to land more offensive biotic grenades Now, I’m sure you already know that an offensive bio-nade is one of the best non-Ultimate abilities in the game Well, the tip here isn’t really about its importance but rather on how to create more offensive ‘nade opportunities by using the map environment.

So in this example here, we wait for Reinhardt and his team to move forward but instead of throwing a floor ‘nade, which many players often default to, this is where we look to use the surrounding environment, in this case, the bridge right above him, so the ‘nade’s splash hits Rein and his teammates behind him. so, with that being said, I encourage you to assess where enemies are grouped in all phases of the game and be open to the idea of throwing ‘nades on walls, ceilings, or poles if the situation looks optimal. The second tip is a continuation of the first one; We’re still gonna be talking about the biotic grenade, only this time it’s gonna be about throwing nades during the beginning of the game and midgame for a little boost in Ultimate charge and creating a little advantage.

What this tip does is help Ana earn a little bit of Utlimate charge like I just said, depending on the number of enemies hit and in some cases get a kill in what I call “downtime” or times when you’re must likely not gonna need the cooldown for the next ten seconds. In this example here, on King’s Row, I know the exact position and crosshair placement to throw a nade at the beginning of the game in order to hit enemies out of their spawn. I know it takes enemies about ten seconds to walk to the choke, so I Iikely wouldn’t have needed the cooldown if I didn’t choose to throw it. But in this case, I did, and it actually secured a kill because it was comboed with my Symmetra’s sentry nest. Now, more importantly, there are angles where you can toss grenades in the middle of matches right out of the base to the point, like here on Nepal Finding out where you can throw grenades in order to land them in high-traffic areas can be very beneficial especially on King-of-the-Hill maps, because oftentimes your team may still be contesting the point as you respawn.

So with this example I showed on Nepal, you could potentially hit your teammate and your enemies, landing you a small advantage The third Ana tip is pertaining to her quickscope mechanic Now, an unscoped shot from Ana is a fast-traveling projectile whereas her scope is an instantaneous hitscan shot denoted by the long trail you see here. Both methods have their pros and cons The nature of unscoped projectile shots means that there is a small delay from your gun to the target Unless you are an absolute projectile god and can predict high-mobility targets like Genji and Tracer blinks, this will never compare to the instantaneous accuracy of a scoped hitscan shot.

But staying scoped limits your field of vision, and hinders your movement speed considerably. Just look how sluggish I am as I try to walk forward scoped compared to unscoped. There is a common misnomer that goes something along the lines of always staying unscoped because you keep your movement speed and it doesn’t limit your line of sight, and will not reveal your location because it doesn’t leave a bullet trail. I mean, this is somewhat true to a certain extent, but I’m gonna have to disagree with always staying unscoped.

Now, this is where quickscoping comes to play. It’s like the happy medium between scoped and unscoped shots So quickscope shots are hitscan, but it allows you to keep your movement momentum if you combine it with a jump, and only momentarily obscures your field of vision in the blink of an eye or sometimes, none at all, if timed perfectly. To perform this, you will need to have good crosshair placement over your target and shoot the moment you begin the scope animation It takes some practice and getting used to, but all great Ana players have already mastered this technique so if you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to get to the practice range and start getting the muscle memory down.

Just note that your rate of fire is slightly slower if you if you make continuous quickscope shots versus continuous unscoped or scoped shots, but this is the tradeoff, and frankly I think it’s worth it remember to find that balanced of staying unscoped in close to mid range hard-scoping at long range if you’re in a safe position, and quickscoping if you need to reposition but want to land accurate shots in between. The fourth tip I want to go over is sleep-dart timing. Now, I’m sure everyone already knows what sleep dart does, but I want to talk about when to use the dart proactively, and when to use it reactively The easiest way to describe how I use sleep dart is be proactive as often as you can, because hitting a dart on anyone close to mid range of your position usually secures a kill However, after about two skirmishes between both teams, this is where I start thinking reactively about enemy ultimates and what sleep dart can nullify.

This is where I often start holding onto dart in order to cancel high-value enemy ultimates. For, example, if I notice the enemy team has a Pharah, I give her about a minute of game-time before I start thinking that she may be holding onto Rocket Barrage. In these cases, I wait patiently in order to react to the sound cue and land this crucial ability on her, as she’s just a sitting duck during its channel. In many cases, my sleep dart here gets amazing value because I either cancel one or sometimes two Ultimates if the enemy Pharah gets Nano’d as well. I actually cancel three Ultimates here–talk about value! The last Ana tip I have is rather general but may be the most important piece of advice: Besides working on your raw aiming mechanics and maximizing your APM in terms of healing and DPS, I think the biggest thing an Ana player can do to really improve themselves is to work on their positioning. As Ana, you are the best burst-healer in the game, with the most versatile kit. What good are these abilities if you’re always being caught out? Who are you healing if you’re always dead? You are a core piece of every team fight.

If you die early, your team will be at a massive disadvantage because they will no longer be healed, and the enemies are free of the threat of an anti-healing nade or or having a sleep dart cancel a big ability. Basically, the tip here is to be mindful of where you are positioned in fights. Play at angles where you are protected, either by environmental objects such as walls, poles, and statues, or behind your tanks and with your teammates. Play in positions where you can have a good healing angle, while being relatively safe Remember that I can’t hold your hand here, and I can’t tell you exactly where to position, but a good position can quickly turn into a bad one within a few seconds as teammates and enemies are always on the move This game isn’t static, so try to think for yourself, be autonomous, and do your best to stay alive.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for today, I hope you enjoyed this video It’s a little late as Ana looks like she’s gonna be hit by some big nerfs, but these tips will still apply if you choose to play her despite the changes.

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