Doomfist is one of the most mobile and scary heroes in Overwatch and a striking force on the battlefield, so I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to dominate with him and deal with the threats that come your way. Doomfist combines his years of training in mixed martial arts with enhanced cybernetic body parts to destroy his enemies. His primary fire is a hand cannon that fires a burst of projectiles which spread out as they travel. While there is no damage falloff over long range the chances of hitting targets drops dramatically the further away they are from you. However up close and personal this can deal a lot of damage very quickly. Also this weapon cannot be reloaded, instead the 4 shots recharge over time. His most important ability is probably Rocket Punch. After charging up Doomfist will lunge forward knocking back and dealing damage to anyone he collides with, if the target is knocked back into a wall additional damage is dealt. This ability can one shot most heroes other than tanks and also move Doomfist around the map quickly to get in and out of combat.

Getting a kill with this at the start of a team fight can give you a massive advantage so wait for the perfect moment to strike! His next ability is Rising Uppercut, this throws Doomfist and anyone hit by the skill up into the air, often making them an easy target for hand cannon shots or to line up a rocket punch. This skill can also be used to reach high ground and allow him to work with his team to force the enemy off. Seismic slam causes doomfist to leap forward and smash into the ground, from the point of impact a cone of damage spreads out and anyone caught in it will be pulled towards him and take damage.

This can be used before the uppercut to pull a target in close, or alternatively you can use uppercut to get up high and then slam from above, this will give bonus damage to slam as the further you travel the more damage it deals. All of these abilities are powerful in their own right but Doomfist really excels when combining them together in a wide variety of ways. This allows him to dive into combat, get a quick kill and either continue to fight or fall back to safety before the enemy knows what hit them. His ultimate is Meteor Strike, this skill removes Doomfist from the map for a few seconds before he plummets back to earth dealing damage to enemies around the impact zone.

Being able to completely leave the map like this is amazing if he starts to get focused during a team fight but getting kills with it can take a bit of practice. Ideally you want to use it to take out targets who cant escape the radius of the blast zone quickly, those with movement abilities will be much harder to kill but if they are an isolated support for example it can be easy pickings! Lastly he has a passive ability which grants him additional health as he deals damage with any of his abilities, excluding his Hand Cannon. This can help to keep him alive during a fight but will decay over time. Although Doomfist has many powerful weapons he also has numerous weaknesses. Heroes who fight from long range or high ground have a real advantage over him, Doomfists movements through abilities make him predictable, so characters like Soldier, McCree, Pharah, Widowmaker and Hanzo have no problem landing shots and it can be almost impossible for him to reach them if they are in a good position. Doomfists lack of a good long ranged attack can also hamper his ultimate charge rate as he can’t poke at the enemy from a distance.

Sombra can also be a real problem as when hacked Doomfist is left without many options. Rocket punch is deadly but has its drawbacks. If you hit someone who’s already against a wall they will not suffer the bonus damage, and if you run into another charging Doomfist or Reinhart you’ll both be knocked down, although this can be used to save a teammate. Some Doomfist players can become predictable, using their skills in the same order and same way each fight. Good players will pick up on this and start to avoid and counter them. His ultimate is telegraphed to the enemy in a couple of ways.

The first is the large circle which becomes viable to the enemy once you lock it in, but there is also a sound effect, Experienced players will be able to tell if you are targeting them and try to move away. The longer he stays in a fight the weaker Doomfist becomes as once his skills are all on cooldown he’s drastically weakened, because of this you should always look to have a skill left to disengage from the fight, be it a rocket punch or a uppercut and slam combo. There are a few more useful tips we have to share about this mighty hero. Doomfist excels in 1v1 fights, especially if he can get the jump on the target, try to think of him as kind of an assassin type character. Try throwing in Hand Cannon shots or melee attacks between abilities, this helps him avoid exhausting all his skills too fast but can also provide some bonus damage. Doomfist combo’s well with heroes who can support him as he dives in. Zarya bubbles are great on him during a charge and steady healing from a Lucio combo’s well with his passive.

Getting the opening pick with his Rocket punch is huge in team fights but isn’t always easy, charging in from obvious angles will likely get you shut down before you make contact so try to mix it up. Use his abilities to traverse the map quickly, Doomfist is one of the quickest heroes at moving around the map either to return from spawn or move into a more advantageous position. Throwing in a quick Rocket punch mid fight can provide some great damage, with no charge and hitting them into a wall it does nearly 100 damage! Its also a stun so that can be used to interrupt channeled abilities. Doomfist is deadly once he gets a hold of you and for many heroes his skills can mean instant death, but for now I want to hear your tips and tricks for him in the comments below.

As always this has been James for Curse saying thanks for watching, and enjoy the game!.

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