Do you think all your teammates are garbage? Are playing healers far too complicated for you? Do you like Body Pillows? Then fear not! Being a Genji main is for you! First, let’s go over some background history of our Sword wielding weeaboo: His real name is Genji Shimada….shim…sima…. Senpai Genji Senpai is originally from Japan. He was apart of the Senpai clan with him and his other weeaboo brother Hanzo.

When their father died they needed Genji to stop up to a more active role in the clan, but he refused. “Mada mada”. So Hanzo went and fought Genji in an epic duel. *Over edited Anime battle between Hanzo and Genji* [Top 10 anime betrayals] This left Genji almost dead. But the overwatch team picked him up and give him a ton of weaboo swords and gave him a robotic ninja suit. They then sent him to destroy the clan. After destroying the clan, he left Overwatch to find a better meaning to life, and ran into zenyatta: “Hello my young student” “Japanese shit” “What?” “More Japanese shti” “Jesus fucking christ, do you always talk with subtitles?” Now let’s learn some of Genji’s abilities: Genji’s primary attack is every naruto fan’s wet dream: Throwing shurikens You can throw a straight stream of them with left click, or you can spam right click if your aim is shitty.

His first ability is Swift Strike. Pressing this makes Genji throw his arms backwards and run forward with maximum speed. If you kill someone with it, it will cause it to reset so you can use it again. This allows his to dash across the map like a knife-wielding sonic the hedgehog on crack. His second ability is Deflect. It’s pretty self explanatory and is easily the best ability in the game because you can deflect literally everything. If you see pro genji using his deflect, holy shit don’t shoot him or he’s going to deflect your graviton surge and get a free team wipe. On the other hand, if it’s a shitty genji trying to bait out your flashbang, then just shoot him in the face. His passive ability is being a parkour master straight out of assassin’s creed that allows him to run up walls, and break the laws of physics by being able to somehow double jump in midair. But we’re playing overwatch where we have time traveling lesibans and talking monkeys, so realism is thrown right out the window.

His Ultimate is: “Pro Genji” Pro Genji is activated once you press Q. Genji pulls out his the largest sword he owns from his katana collection and uses his skills of playing Fruit Ninja on his phone to slice and dice the enemy team for an 1v6 play of the game. Now let’s learn how to play Genji in competitive: Step 1: Instanta lock him If someone else pics him, just pick Hazno and threaten to throw if they don’t let you play him. They’ll swap off him real quick. Step 2: Just spam reinhardt’s shield and do nothing else. Don’t bother flanking and going on the backline to kill supports. Your shurikens are too weak to kill anything. They’re just for spamming to build your ult. And once you finally get your ult: “Play of the…Play of the….Play of the game” So, that’s all there is to being a Genji main. Tune in next time as I show you how to be a Bastion main, and remember: At least you aren’t a Hanzo main.

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