Welcome to our guide on how to get good at Hanzo. Perhaps the most controversial hero that will ever be introduced into Overwatch. Hanzo is a pick that is sure to make your competitive team mates raise their collective pitchforks. Hanzo on paper is the most overpowered motherfucker you could ever imagine. His arrows do more damage than a Pharah shooting someone in the chest, and double that if you manage to hit enemy players in the head. In fact Hanzo can currently one-shot 70% of overwatch heroes with a left-click to the head Pair this would never needing to reload and a fire rate of once per second and you can theoretically Solo wipe an entire enemy team in 6 seconds with just left clicks And you could do all of this while the other team was standing in the middle of a fucking zenyatta ultimate No wonder people like to play Hanzo! Then we get on to Hanzo’s scatter arrows. This absolute bullshit ability lets You delete most heroes by simply aiming at their feet. In fact, it’s almost a guaranteed kill if the other team have the idiotic idea of being in any form of confined space smaller than a fucking aircraft hangar.

The ability is so powerful that it can potentially one-shot an Orisa at full health, meaning it can theoretically kill a tank faster than Reaper. Don’t underestimate the power of this bullshit. Hanzo also has the ability with the longest cooldown, being the sonic arrow. This shit is basically an off-brand widow ultimate that you can use three times a minute. Perfect for knowing where to spam left clicks for those bullshit picks A good technique for the Sonic arrow is to aim it fully charged into the air before the game starts on defense. The arrow will take roughly 20 seconds to come back down. Timing this correctly with a second Sonic arrow will allow your team to enjoy 20 uninterrupted seconds of constant wallhacks at the start of a match. Hanzo’s ultimate was considered the scariest and most overpowered ability for the first few days after the Overwatch launch. Summoning two massive fuck off dragons that instantly murdered everything it touched was a terrifying sight to behold.

However, it didn’t take long for players to realize that the get out of the way move, was an incredibly intuitive counter to such a powerful ability. To maximize the effectiveness of this ability it is recommended that you cast it from places that only an idiot would try. Your team may hate you for your often risky and unconventional strategies, but once you save their fucking ass from certain defeat. They’ll be glad you picked Hanzo like the idiot you are. You may not even be roasted for picking Hanzo in the first place. Consider this as the most respect you’ll ever get as a Hanzo main.

Alternatively you could simply make friends with as ZAR-REE-ARR main and combo your ults to victory. The Hanzo will always get the play of the game, but as a Hanzo main you should probably just commit to being a glory stealing piece of shit. The reason Hanzo is so controversial is something I like to call the Hanzo Fallacy. Allow me to explain. Hanzo is an appealing hero for all players. He’s satisfying to use and easy to play, but most importantly his very nature means that a small amount of luck can be interpreted as being genuinely skillful. For example getting three random headshots in a row can easily make a new person think they are a naturally good Hanzo player as opposed to being smiled upon by RNG Jesus. Hanzo is possibly the least powerful hero when played inconsistently, and the best hero if a player is able to be consistent 99% of Hanzo players will absolutely drag down a competitive team by not being consistent enough to get the picks necessary to be considered a serious hero choice.

This leaves a bad reputation for the glorious 1% who are able to carry their team harder than a 14-year Old South Korean kid on only a Lethal dose of Adderall. However to Fully embrace being a Hanzo main it is recommended that you always instalock him at every opportunity before saying something to plant the seed of madness into your team. This will ensure they hate you immediately. This is good as a Hanzo main you thrive on the hatred of others. You also need to be sure to never use a mic and only ever roast other members of your team over the team chat. The only time you should have a use a mic is to either abuse a Mercy for not solo-rezing you or tell your team that you were unable to carry them hard enough.

After your spectacular loss if all else fails, then you should go on a destructive rant over the mic. Be sure to attack every member of your team individually and call them hurtful, degrading, or outright racist names to really solidify yourself as a piece of shit. After this be sure to uninstall the game and rethink your life. Alternatively you could just be a more compassionate and team oriented player, because the team that tilts first is always the team that loses. This concludes today’s guide on how to get good at Hanzo. Using this knowledge You’ll be able to easily go from Grandmaster to mid-Silver in under a week. Scrubscribe for more videos that aren’t about describing things in one sentence. But until then, have fun and embrace the bullshit..

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