Junkrat is a Defensive Champion whose main strengths are at SPAMMING THE FUCK OUT HIS BOMBS. Using your grenade launcher, bombs can bounce off of walls, and after their third bounce will automatically detonate. If the bomb touches an enemy, it will detonate immediately. As Junk Rat, your main objective at all times is area denial. You’re essentially a little bitch because, while from mid to long range you’re a force to be reckoned with Once it’s a close quarter’s 1 v 1, your shitty aim starts kicking in and you– BUT HAVE NO FEAR.

Blizzard has bestowed upon you several tools to help you! Your first line of defense is the bear trap. But you might be asking, but Professor Khai! There’s not a lot of use for it. I mean you practically have to beg people to walk all over it and it and even then it sticks out like a sore thumb! But you see here’s the thing. THIS GAME IS SO FUCKING FAST PACED that hardly anyone ever looks on the ground and notices it, so just go crazy–I mean if it helps it’s also slightly less visible to the enemy team. The bear trap is also a useful clutch mid-fight in close quarters as it can still snare onto nearby enemies or at least relieve a bit of pressure to hop off your dick. The next tool in your kit is an explosive mine.

This is actually very similar to Ziggs’ Satchel charge skill. The bomb won’t hurt you, but it WILL deal a significant amount of damage to enemy players while also blowing them the fuck away from you. This skill is best used for getting onto hard to reach places, and getting the fuck away from whatever is trying to eat you alive at the moment as it will deal damage, AND blow the two of you back in opposite directions, which is extremely helpful in getting out of sticky situations. You can actually combine the two skill sets together, as when an enemy is snared form the bear trap, an e-mail pops up letting you know that someone has been caught.

Once you catch notice of it, just press the red button and blow them fuck out of there. Your third skill is rip tire. Basically a suicidal drone hot wheel that deals a ton of damage. Even after you’re killed, it’ll still run around until the timer runs out or it’s HP is depleted. The tire still takes damage so it’s better to flank around or maneuver around walls with it instead of trying to charge people head on. Because I mean it’s a loud ass tire. The last move in our bitch move skillset is our last resort. Upon death you drop a shit ton of bombs. It doesn’t follow your body–instead the exact spot that you died. Whoever’s the lucky soul that steps on it is going to have a rude awakening. It’s not the most reliable skill ever though, so don’t try to go all martyr kamikaze expecting to getting Penta’s left and right. Okay! Now that we’ve seen these tips, let’s see how everything looks in action!.

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