Hey there! Consistency is key to victory both in Overwatch and other real-life activities. Being unable to perform consistently hinders your play and often makes you feel really uncomfortable about the game. We are going to give you some helping tips on how to achieve at least 80% of your potential consistently, whatever happens! Hello guys, and welcome to the dojo! The topic of consistency is often overlooked, however, it has a really great impact in your will to play and in your performance in different situations. What we are going to talk about here is not only useful in Overwatch but can have a positive effect on any life activity that you regularly do. Keep listening! What we want to help you to achieve is to be around 80% efficient or more at any given time when playing Overwatch, whatever happened that day.

Even if you feel a bit tired or overwhelmed, the tips that we present here come from research in sports psychology. These are proven ways to make sure that your athletic performance is good. Alright, so how do we do this? If you do something that you really enjoy, sometimes you are able to reach “the zone” or the “flow” as [cheek-sent-me-high] Csíkszentmihályi describes it in his famous book. This is a state of mind that makes you forget about the passage of time and allows you to solely concentrate on what you are doing right there and right at that time. People can outperform their wildest expectations, often not even realizing how much work they are doing when in the zone. However, achieving this state of mind is not easy. Let’s talk about entering the flow before we talk more about consistency. When you are playing the game, you need to use your accumulated skills in order to win, and the game tries to match you with others who give you a challenge. Achieving the state of flow can happen when both the challenges and your skills are high. Take a look at the picture shown right now to see how this works when the skills and challenges are on a different level.

You can see that if both your skill and the challenge is low, it is a state of apathy. Whatever you do will feel that wrong. Does it ring a bell? Did it happen to you anytime when you wanted to get into something and found out it is a lot harder to do than you imagined? This whole system can apply to Overwatch and anything else seamlessly if you give it some thought. When the challenge level rises, but your skill stays low, you will start worrying and become anxious. This is not something that we want. This happens a lot of times to people who one trick a single hero and want to change to something else on a high level. The skill with other heroes did not rise, but the challenges stayed high, thus they will become worried or even tilted and start feeling bad about themselves and start to throw their games to feel better.

By now, you should get the idea. In order to perform really well, we want to enter the state of the flow and be focused, and happy about the game. This can happen if the challenges and the skills you have are both at a high level. However, the path is also valuable that you walk until you get to the state of flow. By balancing the challenges and your skills, keeping them at an optimal level, you can feel good about what you are doing while also feeling confident, even happy when doing them. This is what you should strive for! In this section, we are going to discuss hands-on strategies to achieve that 80% of performance every time.

This will make you feel better about the game and give you an opportunity to reach the state of flow more frequently. The first step is preparation. Overwatch is a team game, but your own performance is 1/6th part of the team’s efforts. If you want to reach consistency, you need to concentrate on the game. It is usually recommended to have some kind of warm-up ceremony before you enter your first game. This can be as simple as playing deathmatch in the arcade but can also include physical warmup and mental preparation as well. Leave a comment with your ceremony below so others may gain inspiration from them! We recommend that you figure out what works for you. The goal of this step is to make sure that you are prepared for your game, and that you are focusing on what you are doing right at that moment. Try different things, but decide on something and make sure that you do it consistently. It’s also important to talk about training here. A lot of people train different things like headshots, ability usage, reaction times, etc.

It is a good thing to do, but make sure that training has its proper place. Do it at the same time, before or after your sessions. This will make sure that you are really prepared for what is to come. The second step in achieving consistency is self-awareness. You need to be aware of how you feel, what motivates you and what makes you go forward. In its simplest case, you just want to have fun. This is perfectly fine! Others may find joy in seeing their SR grow, breaching new ranks or meeting new people.

We want to think that most of you are here for improving, thus we will assume that in these sections. Be aware of your mistakes. Accept that sometimes you do bad things, others do these as well. What is important here is to realize these mistakes and have the will to fix them. Easier said than done, but being aware of your motivations and flaws help tremendously in achieving consistency. This can serve you as a guide when playing hard games, so you get tilted less easily, being able to focus on the great picture instead of just one win or lose. Even if you win, you should be able to learn from it. Reinforcing positive habits help a lot too, it’s not always about the mistakes.

The takeaway in this step is to slow down sometimes and inspect yourself. Have goals that you can use to measure your success and be able to recognize your mistakes and fix them. The third step is the effort. All we have talked about so far go to waste if you don’t put effort into it. You need to grind and grind the games to become better. You need to sit down after this video, or even right now and think about the previous steps. You need to make effort. We need you to make effort. It will hurt… We are sure that you will have a hard time keeping yourself motivated after the 5th game where someone is throwing. But if you put effort into what you want to do, you can ease these negative things out. There is no easy path that you can take if you want to improve and be consistent. You need to experience the game, and learn from it.

A before you can perform consistently. Putting effort into what you want to do will help a lot in achieving consistency. If you do the same thing a hundred times while paying attention to the quality of that one single thing, you WILL improve. An important thing here is not to overdo whatever you do. If you feel like you are burnt out, start performing a lot worse than you expect yourself, just stop. Effort should be made over time, not on a single day.

This is really important. The fourth step is to have a mind for improvement. This somewhat correlates with the second step, but the emphasis is on trying to look for improvement continuously. Watch pros play and learn from them. Review yourself twice a week. Join a competitive team and play scrims. Do what makes you happy, but always try to have a mind for improvement and see how the activity that you do can help you in your improvement. Don’t be shy to ask questions, you will learn from them. Here comes the interesting part, you can have the mind for improvement in your real life as well, and it will affect your gaming performance. Making sure that you are committing some of your time to do some kind of sports are proven to increase physical and mental performance. You can literally shoot better if you are doing exercises regularly. Another great issue that we gamers tend to have is an inconsistent sleep pattern. Figure out how much sleep you need and stop staying up late for another game. You can achieve consistency in Overwatch if you sleep for the same duration every day, going to bed and rising at the same times.

Really works, trust us! There may be a lot of other things that can help you in achieving better performance in the game. If you know about something or experienced something on your skin that works, make sure to share it in a comment below. Don’t forget that Overwatch is a game, however seriously you take it. You should have fun while playing it. We think about ourselves as evangelists for improvement and would love to have your feedback on our work.

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