Hey there! If you feel like you are rocking the world one day with godlike aim and you are having trouble landing a single shot the other day, you have consistency issues. This happens to a lot of us, and this guide will help you in becoming more consistent. Hello guys and welcome to the dojo! Aim- and general inconsistency is a plague that affects all competitive FPS gamers. You may be able to land all your shots in the practice range, but unable to translate that skill into a live game.

Consistency in-game requires attention to detail, so if you really want to give 90+ percent in every game, this guide is for you. We are going to start understanding inconsistency, then go in-depth about what you can do to become more consistent in your next few games. This knowledge applies to other FPS titles as well, not just to Overwatch. While the title is about aim consistency, as it is the most vivid symptom of inconsistency, following the tips in this guide will help you generally with more consistent games.

Therefore the tips here will not be mechanical niche tips like what to do if you over or under-aim or how to find your sensitivity. We have and another video about that, click the card now if you are interested in those details. This guide will help in creating a baseline good performance using different rituals to allow you to get into the flow to perform well. Alright, when you get to play your favorite game, you just usually want to hop right into it. It may be because you are playing as a recreational activity after school or work, or maybe you are just anxious to reach the next rank.

Whatever your motivation is, jumping right into action is going to cause inconsistency. Think about real-world sports. You don’t want just to start playing right away without stretching and warming up, or else you will perform poorly. This is the same for esport titles. Inconsistency is caused by not preparing for your activity, in this case: gaming. Without warming up, your hand will have a harder time moving the mouse and controlling your movements, and your brain will also be slower to react to impulses from the game. We want to avoid this, but what can be done about it? Well, to correct consistency related issues, you need to create a set of healthy pre-game and in-game rituals that will guide you towards peak performance. You don’t want to do 100% all the time, because that is just over-doing it. You cannot peak all the time, it is impossible. You should instead aim for about 85-90%, and have ways to achieve the state of mind where you perform well.

We have another video on this topic, that is dealing with the state of mind that helps you in performing well. This video is more about rituals and consistent aim, but we recommend that you watch the other one as well to have a good understanding. Pre-game consistency tips We are going to go into detail about pre-game rituals that can help you in being consistent game-after-game. The idea here is to have a set of activities before you hop into a competitive game to allow yourself to prepare for the challenge both mentally and physically. In case you have your own way of preparing for the game to perform on a reasonable level, we would love to hear your recipes in a comment below! Okay, the first thing that you should do is to prepare for the game. This means physical preparation as well as mental.

For the physical part, try to aim for the same environment every time you get into a game. Adjust the tilt of your monitor, the height of your chair, light conditions, and so on. Don’t forget to prepare water and stay hydrated. It really helps if the external effects are the same when you get to grinding, as this can serve as a baseline for you, allowing a more natural path to consistent performance and aim.

Setting up the physical environment also helps in mental preparation for the gaming session. Our second tip is having a routine. The first step is one in itself, but if you have rituals, it also helps in preparing for a game. This can be a pre-gaming session, or pre-match. Look at tennis players for example. They all have some kind of , allowing them to leave everything behind and focus on the task at hand. A ritual can be nearly anything: watching a video, listening to a song that you like, doing pushups. It is indeed on you. Make sure, however, that you are doing your rituals all the time before you get to gaming. Making a habit of it is a significant part of making it work.

The third tip here is warming up and stretching. We tend to forget how demanding it is to play a competitive game. It fatigues your hands and needs you to use your brain actively. Physical stretching of the hands and arms is recommended, some simple exercises to get the blood flowing. Warming up for the game can be done in a custom game mode or in the training area. This is not done to train anything, it is merely an activity to help you in getting into the mood for competition. Alright, the next category will cover some in-game tips to help you with consistency. These are just a few examples of the things that can help you with consistent aim. We cannot possibly cover all the things that you can use, but these should give you a good idea. The following rituals can help you in staying more consistent, but may not need to be done for the full duration of the game. Do them for a while, let them help you in performing well.

Again, we appreciate if you share your experience in a comment below about in-game consistency tips. A sort self-plug here: the Overwatchdojo team is giving coaching in return for your support of the channel. If you are looking for an experienced mentor to help you with understanding the problems that hinder you from climbing higher, go to our Patreon, choose a fitting tier and become a pupil of our coaches. Let’s continue with the in-game tips. The first tip here is about thinking forward in your games. There are a lot of situations where you are tired and just want to get into a game. This is hurting your performance, it is terribly hard to perform consistently if you are not paying attention to the game.

The ritual that we suggest here is to pay attention to what is happening and use your skills to try to guess what is going to happen in the game. This skill is useful in itself, but if you pay attention to doing it, you tune in on your game more easily. Predict where the enemies will throw spam damage to, where they are going to move, who they are going to target, how will you need to react. Think ahead, make it your ritual. The next one that helps with consistency is crosshair placement. We have a video about this topic, click the card now for it, won’t go into details.

Paying attention to crosshair placement at least at the beginning of a match will help you with more consistent aim and a better awareness of what is going on. These rituals work because they help you immersing yourself in the game, as they require your attention. The last tip here is keeping your attention on the game. If you want to achieve consistency, you need to focus on what is going on in the game.

To support awareness and focus, you can use a mental checklist to register every information about the happenings in the game. We have two videos about this topic, if you are interested, click the card now. Using a mental checklist forms a habit of paying attention to a lot of things. Therefore it will help you in understanding what is going on in the game and making the right decisions. This helps in creating a good baseline for your performance in the given match, thus allowing you to be consistent. We hope that you enjoyed this guide. If you did, make sure that you subscribe hitting the bell icon to receive notifications about our videos. Join our Discord server and ask your improvement related questions there. Like, and share this video to help the channel grow. All right, see you guys in the next one!.

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