Hey what is going on guys, my name is DarkHero and welcome back to another Overwatch Hero Guide, a series on the channel in which I go over each Hero’s abilities, strengths, weaknesses, tips, counters, team composition and how to best use them to their full potential. With that being said, today I will be showcasing many people’s favorite half machine, half human ninja, Genji. Genji is an Offensive Hero with 200 Health. Genji’s weapon of choice are his Shurikens.

With primary fire, Genji throws a burst of 3 Shurikens per second that deal 28 Damage each. His second fire throws 3 shurikens in an horizontal line, at seconds. The Shurikens don’t have damage drop off over range, nor do they have an arc when thrown, but keep in mind that in Genji’s primary fire they are not thrown at the same time, so you will have to redirect them in order to hit a moving target. Headshots in both firing modes deal double damage. Genji’s first ability is Deflect, which as the name indicates, deflects enemy projectiles towards where you are aiming. Deflect lasts for 2 seconds and will return any projectile that is shot at him while this ability is active, as long as the crosshairs are lined with the incoming fire. The deflected projectiles are sent back towards where you are aiming at, so make sure that you aim at your enemies’ head while deflecting, so that you may kill them with their own fire. However, beam weapons such as Winston’s and Zaria’s ray guns cannot be deflected. Genji’s second ability is Swift Strike, a sword dash with a 15 meter range that deals 50 damage to any enemy that it hits. Eliminating an enemy that has been hit by Swift Strike will reset its 8 second cooldown.

It can also be used to traverse great distances and reach higher grounds to gain an edge over your opposition. Genji’s passive ability, Cyber-agility, allows him to double jump and climb walls. Genji’s Ultimate is Dragonblade. While activated, Genji swaps his Shuriken for his Sword and increases his mobility. This state lasts for 8 seconds and each slash deals a massive 120 Damage. Activating Dragonblade also resets Swiftstrike’s cooldown. Use Swift Strike when Dragonblade is ending and Genji is putting away his sword, to cut the animation and be able to fire his shurikens faster. This little trick can save you a second and can be a life-saver at times. Now that we have gone over Genji’s abilities, let’s talk about his strengths. As an offensive hero, Genji is one of the best damage dealers whose full potential is huge.

He can traverse the map very easily, thanks to his ability to double jump, climb walls and even by using Swift Strike. His shuriken can deal massive amounts of damage, with a potential for 168 damage in just one and a half second. As Genji, you should focus on flanking the enemy team and pick them one by one. Initiate combat by using Swift Strike to get closer to your opponent and deal some initial damage. Then, depending on your range, use either firing mode suits you better in that instance (the primary fire would be better at longer ranges, where as the secondary fire would be better at close range). Don’t be afraid to go for a melee if you are close to the enemy. Also, use the secondary fire against bulky heroes, as their hitboxes are bigger and they are an easier target, AND you shoot faster in this firing mode. Deflect incoming projectiles while aiming at their head whenever possible for an easier fight, as you will be taking no damage and your enemies will be the ones on the receiving end.

Be careful though, not to overuse this ability. Activating Deflect too soon, before your target has seen you, or just after using Swift Strike, before they have adjusted their crosshairs to your new location, will leave you vulnerable, and any smart enemy would know to not engage you while deflect is up and would then take advantage of you no longer being able to use it in that gunfight. Genji is one of the hardest, if not the hardest hero to play in Overwatch. His low health pool of 200 makes him very dependant on Deflect and your map awareness. Knowing where health packs are on the map is essential to keep Genji alive. You also need to have good aim, as Genji’s shurikens have a small delay and you will have to adjust and lead them into the enemy as you are throwing them. As for team composition, any support greatly benefits Genji, as it provides him with sustainability, which he lacks, although a good Genji player would try to stay out of harm’s way and would learn to take minimal damage in gunfights. Reinhardt and Turbjorn can also be great teammates for Genji, as Reinhardt and Turbjorn’s turrets can serve as a distraction, allowing Genji to flank and assassinate the opponents.

Furthermore, Torbjorn can also give Armor Packs that will increase Genji’s small health pool. In short, if you are a good player that has good aim and knows how to use Genji, as in knowing when it’s best to use Deflect or Swift Strike, or knowing when it’s best to use the primary fire or the secondary fire, then you will be rewarded with lots of satisfying kills, and you will be able to get flawless victories, as the one in the gameplay in the background. And that concludes Genji’s Hero Guide. Let me know which hero you want to see me showcase next in the comment section below. If you have enjoyed this video or found it helpful, please make sure that you SMASH the hell, out of the LIKE button below for us, because you already know that your support is greatly appreciated. Subscribe for more Overwatch goodness and Hero Guides. Thank you so much for watching, my name’s been DarkHero and I will see you, on my next video!.

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