Hey guys it’s nova here to show you this overwatch guide Genji tutorial thing don’t really know what to call it so first what eric ng bel is so cyber Julie makes can you be able to climb walls which makes it because I thought function enemies and then he shortens he’s the one range for that tile like main weapon and so as you stay she’s going to do that and then swift strike you really going to build their because it is able to escape bad situations often ish anatomy on World Health so say is a dominant people that you want the way switch tracks water and take an awful that then his ultimate the lair the dragonblade is amazing out because it takes because it could take down enemies like with into swatches what 200 help all left so kind against tanks if he can you got off a good name for you mr.

Scott made them and it doesn’t like a very one so you need to do like where we will use it then so it’s a mytouch succeed i saw benji players like to be you can get behind the animation online and pick off the wall health cartons season swift strike would be great and like entire ground above the anywhere and then also against your Flash practice through because although every cultural class right noble people not easy to use and so is just a whisper through strong itself is very strong and fast him will make our animals handheld and these weak against fire metrum eight races is Jesus far beyond and so that’s really it for the skies and there is a lot of over the university to be like that fix trip and I’ve chosen Frank Bruce and backgrounds for the oldest is I feel like it’s very important and slowly so if you did enjoyed it overwatch guide genji tutorial land of life subscribe

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