Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold, and today we’re going to be taking a look at all the different ways you can cross the gap with every different character in overwatch. Some of them are pretty difficult. Some of them are really easy, but no matter what, hopefully you’ll learn some stuff, be a better player and be able to wreck some noobs, and go in for the flank, so let’s get into the guide. Let’s do the offense characters first. Genji, he’s pretty basic. He’s got his little swippy swipe, and his double jump. Just swippy swipe and double jump back and forth across the gap no problem. For McCree, you can get to point A pretty easily. You can just jump across, but it’s a lot easier to just barrel roll and just get there without too much of a problem. You can only barrel roll on the ground though. You can’t barrel roll in the air, and that makes this jump to point B a little bit more difficult because it’s uneven ground there in that tower to tower jump.

But just try to stay in the middle of doorways and you should be good. For Pharah, you know what, I just couldn’t find a way to do it on Pharah. There’s no way possible. It looks like if you try it, you’re just gonna die. Shucks. For the next hero, it’s kind of the same thing as Pharah, both of them are designed, you know Reaper and Pharah are both designed in order to cross large spaces of terrain, large gaps that most people can’t cross. Soldier: 76, his Shift gives him a burst of speed and you can use this with either his rocket jump or just by itself to just cross the gap and you should be good. It takes a little bit of practice though, so definitely practice that. With Tracer, just Blink, man. Alright, let’s get into Defense Heroes! We’ll start off with Bastion, he’s the first. He can get across the first gap no problem.

It’s a little bit scary, but he can’t really…poor Bastion exploding…he can’t really get across the bigger gap going the other way. He can bunny hop using his ult though and a little bit of rocket jump, but I wasn’t ever able to use this to cross the full gap because I spent so much time working on McCree which you’ll see at the Blooper reel at the end of the video. Hanzo has a ton of different ways to get across.

It’s super fun. I kinda just want to let this play out to show you. You can just walk across. You can jump across from the balcony. You can walk across from the middle column. And like, right here. If you jump on the first wooden column here, walk all the way up to the top, and then just kind of roll your camera, you’ll grab on to the ledge and that should get you. For junkrat, just jump across, that works, or the much easier way, just do your little bunny hop and you’re good. You can bunny hop back, and this is a great way for a surprise Rip Tire, which every team loves. Especially all those Torbjorn’s who are always defending the point.

Mei is great for here because she can be, people who don’t know all these tricks yet, you can help them get across. So, put these down, tell em in comms how to get across, and you can get from point B to point A, from point A to point B no problem using the same basic route. Same basic wall positioning, so it’s not too much to remember, unlike people like Soldier: 76 and Hanzo where you kindof have to practice. Torbjorn. Jump across. There’s a little trick where if you leave that little column up, on some people, it makes it easier, for Torb it makes it harder, so don’t leave the column up.

For Widowmaker, there’s absolutely no way for widowmaker to get across, it’s just instant death. Alright, DVa. D.Va’s got her little rocket boost. No problem, just zippety zap back and forth. Reinhardt can actually get back and forth. If he jumps, you gotta aim right at that column, you gotta jump at the very last second but you can do it. For here, if you charge at the exact right spot, aim for the second column, the second pillar way in the distance, if you aim for that. If you stand right on the edge and if you kind of walk off and charge at the same time, you’ll make it. Roadhog, he can take this little high road ledge that works for pretty much everyone. You can just jump off the edge and you’re good to go. Getting back to point B, hmmmm, he’s a little hefty. Another big boy though, Winston doesn’t really have a problem. He can just hop back and forth without too much of a problem. Zarya! Zarya suprised me here. I didn’t know Zarya was this good at rocket jumping.

You can just do your basic walk back and forth, or you can do some fancy shit, and do a double rocket jump. Throw one directly overhead, wait for it to come down. As soon as it hits, fire a second one underneath you, and that gives you a double boost, and you land on the very edge. Alright, so Lucio can wallride, and it’s one of the least used main abilities in the game. Like, you can do, absolutley, you can control a game with Lucio’s wallriding. But here, you can get across this gap in about 20 different ways.

I’m just gonna show you I think 4 of them here, just, I just had a ton of fun, and I actually got all 4 of these in one take, which I was super proud of myself of, I didn’t fall off once. Please, please. No, no, no need for applause. But yah, you can run up on the wooden things, you can run up on the side. You can just boost your way straight through. It’s kind of scary. That last one’s pretty scary, but the boost is super strong. With Mercy, you just hover. Just hover around. There’s a million different ways to hover from here to there to there to here to bahababaah. Just hover. You’re fine. I’m not a big Mercy fan. She’s strong, but… Anyways, Symmetra you can hop across but you can’t hop back to point B. Symmetra doesn’t have any type of mobility whatsoever. Can she rocket jump? Can Symmetra rocket jump? I don’t think Symmetra can rocket jump. She can rocket die. Anyway, Zenyatta he can do…Zenyatta’s scary. If you’re a Zenyatta player, or a Zenyatta main, practice this jump.

It’s scary, you can make it, but it’s hard. He doesn’t have much move speed. That’s it though, guys. Thank you for watching! Have a good one! And subscribe if you haven’t. Talk to you later. Bye..

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