Hey what is going on guys, my name is DarkHero and welcome back to another Overwatch Hero Guide, a series on the channel in which I go over each Hero’s abilities, strengths, weaknesses, tips, counters, team composition and how to best use them to their full potential. With that being said, today I will be showcasing Hanzo! Hanzo is a Sniper Hero with 200 Health. He’s weapon of choice is his Storm Bow that has unlimited ammo since it uses arrows. The longer you hold it, the further the arrows will go. The arrow’s damage can vary from 30 up to a maximum of 125 damage, depending on how long it is charged. The arrows do not have damage drop off, but they have a delta curve when launched so you will need to accommodate for that at longer ranges. Pressing the Secondary Fire key will cancel the charge. Any headshots deal double damage. Hanzo’s first ability is Scatter Arrow. This changes Hanzo’s current arrow to one that deals no damage on impact but will split into 6 that deal 75 damage each, making a total of 450 damage.

The angle at which the arrow will split is determined, like Hanzo says, by simple geometry. It is highly recommended that you aim at the enemies’ feet when they are in close range for an easy kill. Hanzo’s second ability is Sonic Arrow. This changes Hanzo’s current arrow to one that has a Sonar radar attached to it that will reveal enemies through walls within a 10 meter radius for 10 seconds. The Sonic Arrow will still function like a regular arrow, having the same damage profile and properties. Hanzo’s passive ability is Wall Climb. Press and hold the Jump key to climb walls. Hanzo’s Ultimate ability is Dragonstrike. Hanzo launches an arrow that will turn into two dragons, or wolves if you have a legendary skin, that will travel through the map, passing through walls and players dealing 200 damage per second.

Now that we have gone over Hanzo’s abilities, let’s talk about his strengths. As a Sniper Hero, Hanzo excells at taking down enemies from far away, but can also kill heroes at close range with a well shot Scatter Arrow. Aim Scatter Arrow at the enemies’ feet, making it bounce off the floor and that will result, more often than not, in an easy kill. He’s a high difficulty hero.

If you have trouble aiming, you are most likely going to have a bad time with Hanzo. It is recommended that you spend some time in the Practice Range to improve your accuracy. You should try to prioritize slower and bulkier heroes like Roadhog, Reinhardt and Bastion, since their hitboxes are larger and the arrows deal a lot of damage. Scatter Arrows are also a good option to eliminate a Tank in a quick fashion, as they deal up to 450 damage, should all shards land the target. You should also try to take down squishy targets like Zenyatta, Mercy or McCree but be wary of any Tracer or Genji, as their high mobility can prove to be quite troublesome. McCree and Reaper can be very threatning since they are very powerfull at CQC, but a well aimed Scatter Arrow will easily put them down.

Junkrat and Pharah can be annoying, as they will be spamming trying to take you out of your vantageous position, but a single headshot is enough to stop them. Watch out for any Winston that might hunt you down. Their ability to jump will enable them to track you down very easily and they won’t even need to aim thanks to their ray gun.

Use Sonic Arrow near a chokepoint or the enemies’ spawn to give you and your teamates valuable information in regards to your opponents’ whereabouts. Use your ultimate, Dragonstrike, to clear enemies off a Payload or an objective. Its slow travel speed is enought to let your enemies run away from it, but in the middle of a team fight it can just wipe an entire team. Hanzo functions well on attack, as his ultimate can wipe the defending team. However, he can be just as effective on defense, picking enemies from distance while they engage your teamates. Reinhardt can support Hanzo very well with his shields, as they will give Hanzo room to take down any Bastion or any of Torbjorn’s Turrets that is setup. Speaking of which, Torbjorn is another good teamate for Hanzo, as his turrets can be a good distraction for your enemies and can limit an entire lane, allowing you to use Dragonstrike to cover the remaining space.

Mercy and Lucio are great supports that benefit Hanzo greatly as well. Mercy because of her Damage Boost, making Hanzo all the more deadly. And Lucio because of his Speed Boost. Hanzo becomes much slower when aiming his arrows. Speed Boost can, however, counter that and make him a much more menacing presence. If possible, have both of these supports helping Hanzo and you will have a much easier time. And that concludes Hanzo’s Hero Guide. Let me know which hero you want to see me showcase next in the comment section below.

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