Hello lonewatch here and welcome to another overwatch video. Today let’s talk about the scourge that is McCree. Picking time and this question is easily answered, any time, McCree is just to good right now not to pick him or have him in a composition, sometimes it’s even good to have 2 McCree’s and as I said this question is not rly hard to answer he’s just that good, he stops Tracers, Genjis, Bastions if you get close and flash bang them, he can even melt down tanks since his fan the hammer combo can do up to 840 dmg, 865 if you count the flash bang, he is kinda squishy having 200 hp and all, but most heros can’t get to close to him, so he is a solid pick on attack and defence. Let’s see what he does. First his basic attack, you have 6 shots of this, it deals 35 to 70 dmg and is best used at short and medium range, don’t try to duel a Widowmaker on long range because you will lose, since as you saw it deals 35 dmg per shoot on long range that’s not enough.

Next his right click, Fan the hammer, with this you empty your revoler in a quick burst, same dmg and same range, but you have to consider that fan the hammer does not benefit from headshots, your normal left click will. We got his flash bang next and this is the skill we all hate, it stuns you for less than a second and deals 25 on top of that, but it gives McCree enough time to burst you down which is good for McCree and can stop some heros like Tracer and Genji.

Up next is his Combat roll on his shift, this will tumble you a short distance and will reload all your missing bullets, so you can fan the hammer again. The roll will take you in the direction you are curently walking, or just quickly press a direction for some sick dodges. And of course the ulti that makes you question McCree’s sanity, Dead eye, or High noon, which ever you prefer. This is the salt of all player, the ult that requires no skill, which is true it doesn’t, it requires positioning, for every second you are locked on a target it will take 270, so it takes 1 second to kill most heros and about 2 to 3 to kill most tanks. One thing I would like to point out is that McCree doesn’t need to fan the hammer all the time, shooting on medium range will lend you some kills and be sure to sneak around the map to catch wandering enemy heros and if you find that McCree isn’t working out, well switching is not a bad option.

On that note if you switch, you might aswell switch in to a tank if pushing is the problem, or if you are missing a support, switch in to that, if dmg is missing on your team switch in to Pharah or Soldier 76 on attack and Junkrat on defence, don’t stay Mcree if you see it isn’t working out. Thank you all for watching and I will see you next time..

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